VisionGauge® Machine Vision / Image Analysis software

VisionGauge - Computer software for visual inspection and high precision measurement

VisionGauge® is a powerful and easy-to-use machine vision and image analysis software product that will let you capture, manipulate, analyze, store and output images and data. It can be used to:

  • Carry out many different types of reliable and repeatable high-precision measurements
  • Compute measurement statistics
  • Count and measure discrete objects such as particles, grains and cells

VisionGauge® visual measurement software also has an integrated report generator that you can use to quickly and easily produce illustrated inspection reports containing measured data, imported images, and data into a database. In addition, VisionGauge® has the ability to transfer measurement results to DDE enabled programs and to automatically export measurements to Microsoft’s Excel.

VisionGauge®  is primarily used in high-tech manufacturing industries:  Electronics, semiconductors, printed circuit boards, precision mechanical components and assemblies, etc… It is used for Quality Control, dimensional verification, documentation, training, as well as general imaging and high-precision visual measurement. Because VisionGauge® is so user-friendly, it can be used by anyone, whether they are executives or shop floor personnel.

VisionGauge® runs on all versions of Windows™ and is regularly updated. A full year membership to our renewable Annual Support and Update Program is included, which entitles you to receive free updates and unlimited support by phone, fax and Email.

VisionGauge® is very competitively priced and can be supplied as complete vision systems or vision inspection workstations, including computer, optics, lighting, camera, and motorized or manual positioning/focusing mechanisms, or as a board level and software product.

VisionGauge® can also be customized – quickly and cost-effectively – to meet the requirements of your specific application.

Real-Time Full Color Image Acquisition

General Imaging & Visual Inspection

Image Archiving & Retrieval

Image Printing

Image Exchange & Transmission

Image Annotation

Image Retouching & Enhancement

Image Processing

Image Comparison, Overlay, & Differencing

VisionGauge® Counting and Sizing
3D Inspection Power Zoom Inspection System

Image Analysis Software

Image Blending (“Perfect Focus”)

High Precision Measurements & Measurement Statistics

Counting & Sizing Particles, Grains, Cells, and other Discrete Objects

Image Data Collection, Analysis, Databasing & Exchange

Video Sequence Capture & Analysis

Inspection & Measurement Report Generation

VisionGauge® comes in several editions, each with features designed for your vision system configuration and application needs:

Main VisionGauge® spec. sheet

VisionGauge® Standard Edition:
Powerful and easy-to-use image capture and analysis software with a wide variety of high-accuracy inspection and measurement tools.

VisionGauge® Manual Stage Edition:
Supports high-accuracy manual stage-based measurements with DRO display.

VisionGauge® Motorized Stage Edition:
Includes support for fully-automated, high-accuracy motorized stage-based measurements and auto-reporting.

VisionGauge® HT for Hardness Testing:
Automatically determines the hardness of materials by measuring characteristic dimensions on indentations made by standard Hardness Testing machines.

VisionGauge® software is often supplied as part of a complete vision system. These systems may include specialized components and configurations to solve applications with difficult requirements, or they may be generalized to solve a wide-variety of different inspection applications at the same workstation. VISIONx, Inc. is accustomed to customizing inspection systems to meet specific application needs, all with our powerful and easy-to-use VisionGauge® software interface.

VisionGauge® is readily integrated into AOI Systems, Fully-Automated High-Accuracy 3D Measurement Systems, Cartesian Measurement and Inspection Systems, Portable Inspection Systems, and much, much more. View our Machine Vision Systems section for examples of the complete vision systems we have provided with VisionGauge® software.

VisionGauge® software products are being continuously developed to add new tools and enhance existing tools, support new versions of Windows®, devices, and hardware, fix/update any problems, and generally improve performance. These enhancements allow our systems to solve new applications and improve the performance of current applications in the field. This approach has allowed us to update existing systems that were originally installed with Windows® 98 20+ years ago to the latest version of Windows® with up-to-date hardware without requiring users to purchase a new software license.

Contact us to learn more about our VisionGauge® Annual Support and Update Program (ASUP), allowing members access to unlimited Technical Support and software updates.

VisionGauge® software and products are being used across numerous industries to solve a vast array of machine vision and visual inspection applications. View our machine vision application sampling to find out how some of our VisionGauge® products are being applied.

Also learn about applications solved with our groundbreaking VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator.

Software Features

Create customized measurement reports with indexed keys and thumbnail image search capabilities to quickly retrieve saved results.

Use VisionGauge®’s image processing tools to “clean-up” images and transform them into imagery that can be successfully analyzed and measured.

VisionGauge® supports directly comparing images to their DXF CAD overlay, including “Part Tracking” for stage-based systems.

Capture full frame-rate video and save to file with analog and digital cameras.

VisionGauge®’s programmable computer-controlled illumination produces repeatable illumination conditions to improve measurement results.

VisionGauge® includes support for motorized optical systems, allowing both motorized zoom and focus to carry out high-accuracy measurements over the full zoom range of the optics.

The VisionGauge® Motorized Stage edition features several exclusive software tools, including:

Wire/Cable Cross-Section, Connectors, and Wire Bond Inspection Applications

High-Resolution Cable Cross-Section Inspection and Measurement

VisionGauge® high-resolution cable cross-section inspection and measurement systems are designed to carry out high-accuracy automatic measurements of multi-strand cables. Measurements include:

Cable Measurement Systems

  • Insulator thickness over every outer strand
  • Minimum insulator thickness
  • Cable outer diameter
  • Inner diameter (i.e. best fit through the point of minimum insulator thickness on each outer strand)
  • ID / OD concentricity
  • Insulator area


All of these results are obtained within seconds by pressing a single button. Furthermore, the measurements are completely operator independent.

These cable measurement systems can accommodate cables with any number of strands. These systems also include X-Y-Theta positioning mechanisms for quick & easy part alignment.

The VisionGauge® software that runs these systems has a simple and intuitive interface. You can use it to quickly and easily compute statistics, plot graphs and charts, and send measurement data to other software and database applications across your network. All of the measurement tools and functionality of the Standard Edition of the VisionGauge® software package are supported.

These cable and wire measurement systems are very rugged and well designed. They can be used on either the production floor or in the quality-control area and they require virtually no maintenance. They use specialized long-working-distance telecentric optics to produce very crisp & clear high-resolution imagery with extremely low distortion.

Standard configurations can accommodate cables and wires up 1.7″ in diameter and produce measurements with a resolution of 0.0001″ (i.e. 2.5 um). Non-standard configurations are also available.

Insulator Thickness

ID, OD, Concentricity

Insulator Area

Wire Bond Measurement and Inspection

Wire Bond Inspection and Measurement Wire Bond Inspection and Measurement

Wire bonding is the most common method used for interconnection inside many integrated circuits and microchips. It is a delicate process that requires high accuracy. VisionGauge® Online Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI Systems) can reliably verify bond and wire presence in integrated circuit board wire bonding applications, inspect wire bond connections, and perform high-accuracy measurements on them.

Our AOI systems can be configured with auto-focus and high magnification optics, and they reliably provide measurements in micron range, making it a perfect system for microchip inspection or wire bond inspection. Additionally, our systems are fully capable of producing repeatable motions in three dimensions which allows you to measure objects that extend outside of the camera’s Field-of-View and position your parts accurately. VisionGauge® Online contains a versatile toolset for measuring loop height, wire length, and many other features.

These inspection systems are fully programmable with the aid of our easy-to-use VisionGauge® Online machine vision software. There are numerous features in the software to enhance and automate your inspection, and with our custom inspection systems you can be sure our product will work for your applications.

These highly customizable systems that can learn how to perform an inspection for you, control input and output signals, and create user-defined reports, the VisionGauge® Online Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI Systems) are an ideal solution for wire bond inspection and measurement.

Weld Inspection and Measurement / Tool Wear Measurement Applications

Software and Systems for Weld Inspection and Measurement

VisionGauge software assures accuracte weld measurements with our specialized measurement tools.

Welding is a fabrication process used across many manufacturing industries to fuse materials. Some industries have rigid requirements and standards for a part to pass inspection following a welding process. VisionGauge® software includes native inspection tools specific to weld measurement that will make the quality control and inspection of welding a much easier process.

VisionGauge®‘s weld inspection and measurement tool can be used to carry out the following measurements:

  • Generic welds (i.e. Leg, Throat and Root measurements)
  • Concave isosceles 45 welds
  • Convex toe – toe welds

VisionGauge's measurement tools can facilitate weld inspection and measurement.

As is the case with all of VisionGauge®‘s measurement tools, weld measurements can be saved to disk, sent directly to another application, included in a report, etc. VisionGauge® is also able to compute measurement statistics and create clear and effective graphs and reports with relevant weld measurement data. You can also annotate your images with text and objects to show exactly what measurements were taken.

With every license of VisionGauge® our image processing and analysis tools are available to automatically process the image before carrying out the weld inspection. This can dramatically increase the quality of your results.

In a specialized example of our software being used, VisionGauge® OnLine is being used for in-process automatic measurements of bellows as they are being LASER welded. VisionGauge® OnLine measures the position of the seams as the bellows rotate and transmits these measurements to the bellows welding machine via a standard RS-232 COM port. This way, the welding head on the machine can track the seam accurately and ensure a high quality finished product.

in-process bellows seam tracking application for laser welding

Our systems and software can be fully customized to your welding inspection and measurement application requirements. Download a pdf with general information about our weld measurement tools for your application.

Tool Wear Measurements / Automatic Flaw Detection

VisionGauge Online Automatic Flaw Detection Tools

Tool wear is a gradual failure that cutting tools experience as a result of regular operation. Replacing tools that have significant wear timely is a necessary task to maintain manufacturing standards and keep up efficiency. With VisionGauge® OnLine machine vision and visual inspection systems, you can perform tool wear measurements and automatic flaw detection. Our systems produce excellent results in high magnification conditions, can be fully automated, and have a resolution of 0.1 microns.

All versions of VisionGauge® OnLine come with our advanced live image overlay capabilities. This tool will allow you to place a DXF-format CAD file on top of the tool being analyzed. The CAD file will be automatically resized to match the tool’s size, and then the difference between the two is examined. In addition, all of VisionGauge® OnLine’s automatic flaw detection tools are included in our machine vision and inspection systems.

VisionGauge Online Automatic Flaw Detection ToolsOur visual inspection systems can be customized to your needs with some of the following features:

  • High-precision crossed-roller movement with 0.1-micron encoder feedback
  • Interchangeable levels of magnification
  • Computer controlled illumination, direct or reflected
  • Computer controlled movement in 3-D
  • Computer controlled motorized zoom and focus
  • Vibration isolation
  • and many others…


In addition, VisionGauge® OnLine machine vision software can be easily programmed to automatically perform tool wear measurement and inspection for you. You can even save different types of programs to measure different tools.

Please contact us to know how our systems can be fully customized to meet your specific needs.

Semiconductor Inspection and Measurement / Flaw Detection Applications

VisionGauge® machine vision software and systems are well-suited to various semiconductor inspection and measurement applications, including polishing pad inspection, hybrid inspection, epoxy underfill measurement, substrate inspection, wafer defect detection, line, trace width and other semiconductor feature measurements, and much more.

Semiconductor Epoxy Underfill Measurement

VisiongGauge(r) OnLine Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems can accurately measure epoxy underfill - Pass or Fail

In the electronic device manufacturing industry Epoxy resin is used as an adhesive or as an insulator on the component layer of PCB boards. Inspecting the presence and assuring the right amount of epoxy is present is a very important part of the quality assurance process. Our VisiongGauge® Online Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems are being employed to automatically detect the presence of semiconductor epoxy underfill on electronic devices, between a high-density circuit and its substrate, during the assembly process. VisionGauge® OnLine also accurately measures the under-fill’s “footprint” (i.e. maximum dimensions along the X and Y axes). This is carried out in-process, right after the dispensing and placement operations.

These systems are highly capable when dealing with great magnification, and they posses accuracy up to 0.1 micron. These systems are fully automated and can be programmed to move in a three-dimensional set of coordinates. Furthermore, you can use the system manually with the help of a joystick through our easy to use VisionGauge® Online machine vision software.

VisionGauge® Online includes many features to make your automated epoxy measurement effective and efficient. You can easily create your own programs using VisionGauge® OnLine to teach the machine how to perform the measurements automatically. The software is capable of auto-focus, which provides you with accurate and highly repeatable results. In addition, these systems are available with computer controlled illumination reflected or direct lighting.

You can automatically export/save measurement and inspection results, control input and output signals based on inspection results, and even automatically create reports with this information. For more information about how VisionGauge® software and systems perform wafer measurements, semiconductor inspection, or flaw detection, please contact us.

Semiconductor Wafer Inspection and Automated Flaw Detection

Semiconductor Wafer Inspection and Automated Flaw Detection

Our VisionGauge® Online Automated Optical Inspections Systems (AOI Systems) are high accuracy tools for automated defect detection, measurement, and inspection. In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, thorough final inspection of wafers is a critical part of the production process; our AOI systems are designed to help you obtain the best results possible.

These systems are highly capable when dealing with great magnification with an accuracy up to 0.1 micron. These systems are fully automated and can be programmed to move in a three-dimensional set of coordinates. Optionally, you can use the system manually with the help of a joystick through our versatile VisionGauge® Online machine vision software.

VisionGauge® Online includes many features to make your automated flaw detection and semiconductor wafer inspection effective and efficient. Easily create your own programs using VisionGauge® OnLine to teach the machine how to perform the inspection. The software is capable of auto-focus and repeatable, computer controlled illumination intensity with transmitted or reflected illumination, which provides you with accurate and precise results. VisionGauge® Online’s auto-scan tool is capable of automatically detecting any flaws on the wafer.

VisionGauge Automated Optical Inspection systems for automated flaw detection

You can automatically save measurement and inspection results, save the images for “Pass” or “Fail” parts of the wafer, manipulate input and output signals based on inspection results, and even automatically create detailed reports with this information.

semiconductor automatic defect detectionIn one example, VisionGauge® OnLine is applied in semiconductor defect detection by a printer manufacturer to automatically review stored sequences of images and find any defects that might be contained in the images. In this application, the images are of various semiconductor products produced by this manufacturer. VisionGauge® OnLine can be asked to handle sequences of up to 22,000 images in a single run.  This is not a problem for VisionGauge® OnLine as there are no limits to the number of images that it can handle.  VisionGauge® OnLine is initially trained using “known good” images of the various types of products to inspect.  It is then automatically detects defects and non-conformities. Images that VisionGauge® OnLine characterizes as “good” are ignored and “bad” images are collected for operator review and corrective action. Statistics of VisionGauge® OnLine’s analysis are also collected (i.e. defect rate, etc…)

Robotic Control Software – Robot Guidance and Positioning Applications

As production lines become increasingly more automated, the need for precision robotic aid has become necessary. Our VisionGauge® OnLine machine vision systems can provide accurate robot positioning and guidance. They can operate the robot directly, in response to a visual inspection through Digital I/O signals, or (more recently developed) through TCP/IP or COM communications linked through the VisionGauge® OnLine software.

Robotic arms are the most used robotics application in the production line. Our systems can work to position the robot based on an inspection of the arm’s working area, or they can be embedded on the robotic arm for on-the-fly guidance and positioning.

Our systems also have full encoder support and can deal with resolutions up to 0.1 micron. All of our systems are powered by our versatile and easy-to-use VisionGauge OnLine machine vision software which contains such features as:

  • Optical Character Recognition & Verification (OCR / OCV)
  • Count and Sizing tools
  • Color Verification in different channels
  • Presence / Absence Detection through pattern recognition
  • Laser profiling
  • CAD image overlay and comparison
  • and many, many others…


These features of the software can be used during an automated inspection program with robot control being used to present the part to the inspection area, control the part during inspections, and even automating processing after inspection depending on the results of the work done by these tools. There are many ways in which our machine vision software can help you in your robot guidance and positioning application.

Recently, VISIONx released our VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection & Measurement Systems, which are the perfect drop-in solution for automated cells and automation applications requiring high-accuracy inspection. Ask us for more information about these systems to integrate into existing part-positioning equipment, robotic components, and automated cells over a variety of interfaces

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing and Probe Card Measurement Applications

Printed Circuit Board Inspection and PCB Measurements

Inspection and measurement of PCB features.

In the intricate task of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing, reliable inspection and measurement of different connections, vias, and clearances is paramount during and after production. VisionGauge® OnLine machine vision software contains highly accurate measurement tools that are perfect for any PCB related application. With resolutions up to 0.1 micron (um), the measurement tools provide high-accuracy results every time.

These tools allow you to perform numerous types of measurements, including:

  • Point-to-Point Distance
  • Horizontal Distance
  • Vertical Distance
  • Line and Trace Width (arbitrary orientation)
  • Point-Based Radius or Diameter
  • Angle (4-point)
  • Marker-to-Marker measurements, including fixed positions, intersection of two lines, center of circle, light-to-dark and dark-to-light edges, measurements between datums, etc…
  • and many more…

Printed Circuit board inspection and measurement

The software also allows color verification, pattern recognition, optical character recognition/verification, alignment, overlay comparison, and more. You can also perform counting and sizing operations:  This can be useful in via inspection to determine, with one mouse click, the number of vias in a layer or to calculate with micron precision the area of a copper connection.

VisionGauge® OnLine is so accurate that measurements can be also performed on the cross-section of the board. Cross-section measurements are especially useful when checking the length of buried vias and thru vias.

The data obtained from these measurements can be easily exported, transferred, or placed into reports.

Probe Card Measurement Systems

Probe cards are equipment used to test and benchmark semiconductor wafers. The thousands of sensitive probe needles present on a probe card can be placed as close as 20 microns apart and need to be placed precisely for the probing process to be successful. VisionGauge® OnLine’s Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems can carry out probe card measurement with great accuracy.

Our measurement systems are assembled with different levels of magnification, and they posses motion encoder accuracy up to 0.1 micron in three dimensions. VisionGauge® Online systems are easy to use and can be programmed so the inspection is fully automated, or you can use the system manually with the help of a joystick.

VisionGauge® Online includes many features to make your automated measurements effective and efficient. The software is capable of auto-focus, which provides you with accurate and highly repeatable results. These systems are also customizable with reflected or direct lighting.

You can automatically save measurement results, save the images with measurement tags attached to them, control input and output signals based on inspection results, and even automatically create reports with this information. For more information on any type of probe card measurement application with VisionGauge® Online machine vision systems, please contact us.

Packaging Inspection Systems and Packaging Industry Applications

Packaging Verification and Packaging Inspection Systems

Packaging verification and inspection

In the product manufacturing and packaging industry, quality assurance is a major factor to be considered. Our VisionGauge® Online machine vision systems are capable of automatically verifying many aspects of a product/presentation, from the presence or absence of an object to label placement on a bottle. Our packaging verification systems can make your QA inspection process a much simpler one.

Our powerful and easy-to-use VisionGauge® Online machine vision software can be easily programmed to perform the inspection without human supervision. Whether you want the system to be installed on the production line or on an inspection stage, our visual inspection systems are highly adaptable and can work for you.

Our VisionGauge® Online software contains a complete set of machine vision and automation tools, including:

  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Counting and Sizing tools (Blob Analysis)
  • Barcode reading capabilities
  • Presence / Absence detection
  • Error or flaw detection
  • Color verification
  • and many others…


This means that you can use out Feature-Based Pattern Recognition feature to check the type and position of a label (Label Verification), automatically measure the size of a package, read and record data of a barcode, check that all packaged contents are present, and create reports or send a signal based on your results. There are many ways in which our machine vision systems and software can adapt to your needs.

Object counting with Visiongauge OnLine Bottlecap seal verification

For example, the above image demonstrates how VisionGauge® OnLine counts the buttons on a calculator prior to packaging; if one button was missing, or it was of a different color, our software would be able to detect the discrepancies and react according to how the user programs the system. The next image shows how the software can detect broken seals on bottles. On detecting a broken seal, VisionGauge® OnLine is capable of sending a signal to stop the production line or can simply record the number of broken seals found.

In another example application, VISIONx supplied a very high resolution, stage based, color imaging system to a company in the pharmaceutical industry to carry out various types of high resolution inspection and measurements.  The system is being used to inspect the seals on bottles. The system has an 8″ X 8″ travel and is capable of imaging large components. With its 3000 X 2208 pixel resolution, the system is able to finely resolve even very small defects.

Bottle seal inspectionBottle seal inspection

Whether you need an optical verification station or need us to integrate a system into your production line we can customize our packaging inspection systems for your application.

Optics and Optical Manufacturing Applications

Modulation Transfer Function Measurement – MTF Measurement Systems

VisionGauge - Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Measurement Systems    VisionGauge - Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Measurement Systems

In the optics lenses manufacturing process, accurately measuring lens distortion is a delicate task. The way this degradation can be evaluated is through Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Measurement. VISIONx INC. has produced a customized version of VisionGauge® machine vision software to be used in a sophisticated modulation transfer function measurement machine.

These customized MTF measurement systems support simultaneous image acquisition from 9 cameras, multiple display modes between which the user can change “on-the-fly”, automatic MTF measurement, automatic PASS / FAIL determination, as well as capabilities for accumulating production & inspection data.

Our systems come with VisionGauge® OnLine machine vision software which contains an advanced and highly accurate measurement toolset. With resolutions up to 0.1 micron (um), these measurement tools provide accurate results every time.

These tools allow you to perform the numerous types of measurements, including:

  • Point-to-Point Distance
  • Horizontal Distance
  • Vertical Distance
  • Trace Width (arbitrary orientation)
  • Point-Based Radius or Diameter
  • Angle (4-point)
  • Marker-to-Marker measurements, including fixed positions, intersection of two lines, center of circle, light-to-dark and dark-to-light edges, measurements between datums, etc…
  • and more


Our VisionGauge® software is proven effective and accurate for Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Measurement. Contact us for more information on how our machine vision systems can provide you with the results you need.

Video Capture and Motion Tracking / Motion Capture and Analysis Applications

Video Capture and Motion Analysis / Motion Tracking Systems

VisionGauge® Online Motion Tracking Systems are capable of tracking and recording motion or movement in the camera’s field-of-view to sub-pixel accuracy. These systems perform video-based motion capture and motion analysis to monitor high-speed processes and equipment too fast for the human eye. Our video capture software is able to capture rapid, complex movement and can perform motion tracking (or object tracking) reliably under variations in illumination and partial occlusion.

Automatically track and locate objects using VisionGauge® OnLine’s robust pattern matching tools. Track motion in the entire field-of-view or, for increased processing speed, limit the area of inspection to a specific region of interest. Motion can be read-in from .AVI files or captured directly from a high-speed camera. These systems perform fast sub-pixel accurate motion tracking and analysis for real-time event capture applications and automated process monitoring. VisionGauge® OnLine includes signal processing and enables data to be exported and saved to Data Groups or exported to Microsoft Excel.

VisionGauge® OnLine Motion Tracking Systems image 1
VisionGauge® OnLine Motion Tracking Systems image 2
VisionGauge® OnLine Motion Tracking Systems image 3

Our complete VisionGauge® OnLine Motion Tracking Systems come with a high-speed digital camera, computer-controlled repeatable illumination, a computer, and our powerful VisionGauge® OnLine video capture software, which includes an extensive set of machine vision, image analysis, and image processing tools. These systems can also be customized with a digital I/O device, allowing the software to input and output signals to trigger events and synchronize processes.

Our VisionGauge® OnLine Motion Tracking Systems are ideal for applications in:

  • Military Testing
  • Automotive Testing
  • Product and Performance Testing
  • Research and Development
  • Industrial Inspection and Industrial Monitoring
  • Life Sciences and Medical Inspection
  • Aerospace
  • and many other fields…


VISIONx can provide entire motion tracking systems for any type environment – from production lines to clinical and research laboratories. We can customize a system to meet specific requirements. Contact us with your video capture and motion analysis / motion tracking application.

Image Analysis Software for Microscopy and Biology Applications

VisionGauge software contains advanced features currently in use to solve numerous digital image analysis applications for microscopy and biology/biomedical research applications, including photomicrography, cell inspection, particle counting and sizing, neurological imaging, and more.

Cell Inspection and Measurement

VisionGauge OnLine Counting and Sizing (Blob Analysis) tools are able to automatically locate, count and size cell or unicellular organism. VisionGauge OnLine is able to automatically locate, count and size cells and unicellular organisms.

The cell is the basic structure and functional unit of all known living organisms. With great advances in microbiology, accurate cell inspection is of great interest for many industries. VisionGauge® OnLine Counting and Sizing (Blob Analysis) tools are able to automatically locate, count, and size cells and unicellular organisms. After setting up a region of interest on the image, the source can be analyzed in such channels as luminance, hue, saturation, and the different gamma colors.

VisionGauge® OnLine’s Counting & Sizing (Blob Analysis) Tool can perform various automated measurements and calculations for cell inspection such as:

  • The total number of cell presents in the region of interest
  • The area of the smallest and largest cell present
  • The average area of cells
  • Point-to-Point distances
  • Diameter measurement for nuclei, etc
  • and more…


Also our powerful pattern matching systems can recognize the difference between a known good cell pattern and any other cell being inspected; this way the system can pick out anomalies on the cell being analyzed. Our software is adaptable and can apply size filters to analyze only those objects falling in a certain range. Additional features in our advanced toolset can automate measurements and location, perform presence/absence detection, color verification, and much more.

In addition, this process can be programmed into VisionGauge® OnLine’s Program Toolbox, so the inspection is performed automatically by our systems. Results can be automatically exported and catalogued in a variety of formats. Our machine vision software and visual inspection systems can be customized for your cell inspectioncontact us to find out more.

VisionGauge® Software for Photomicrography

digital photomicrography with VisionGauge image analysis software VisionGauge® inspection and measurement systems and software are capable of producing stunning photomicrographs or micrographs. Our systems are easily adapted to large magnification, can move in three dimensions, and are capable of being programmed for full automation. Our systems are fully customizable and can be configured with some of the following features:

  • High-precision crossed-roller movements with 0.1 micron encoder feedback
  • Interchangeable levels of magnification
  • Computer controlled illumination, direct or reflected
  • Computer controlled movement in 3-D
  • Computer controlled motorized zoom and focus
  • Vibration isolation
  • High-resolution cameras for digital photomicroscopy


digital photomicrography and image analysis with VisionGaugeAlso, to better help you achieve crystal clear photomicrography results, VisionGauge® software includes several image processing tools:

  • Image flipping and rotation operations
  • Correction of uneven illumination
  • Adjust brightness and/or contrast
  • Removal of image noise
  • Image tagging, annotation, and overlaying
  • Auto-alignment
  • High-resolution image stitching
  • and much more


Our VisionGauge® photomicrography software allows you obtain the best images possible. We are adept at customizing systems and software features to meet the needs of various applications and can even provide entire photomicrography systems complete with optics, illumination, and stage components as required. Contact us to let us know how we can put VisionGauge® to work for you.