VisionGauge® Automation Capabilities

VisionGauge® systems are perfect for fully-automated high-accuracy inspection & measurement applications and “lights out” operation, directly on the shop floor. They can very easily be interfaced to external machinery and equipment, such as robots & cell controllers.

VisionGauge® systems can easily be dropped into an existing automated cell to provide advanced inspection and measurement capabilities, including those provided by our patented CAD Auto-Align™, CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™ and Tooth Checker™ tools.

VisionGauge’s® automation module provides extensive communication capabilities (e.g. TCP/IP over Ethernet, digital I/Os, RS232, etc…) for full 2-way handshaking (with a robot or cell controller, for example). VisionGauge® is easy to interface with a robot or other part-positioning equipment. The system’s powerful “Smart Capture” tool can even be used to wait for and detect the presence of a part to trigger an automated inspection routine.

VisionGauge® also provides extensive data collection, manipulation & exchange, statistics, charting and reporting capabilities, to give you a complete picture of production results during long automated runs.

Furthermore, VisionGauge’s® high-accuracy measurements can be used to send feedback and offsets to controllers for full-automated offset correction.

VisionGauge® systems are very widely-applicable and extremely general-purpose. They are perfect for carrying out very high-accuracy inspections and measurements in fully-automated applications.



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