VisionGauge® Motorized Systems and Automation Features

Auto-Mosaic Tool (Auto-Stitch or Automatic Image Stitching)

VisionGauge®'s "Auto-Mosaic" Tool (or automatic image stitching) allows you to automatically build a very high-resolution image of areas that are larger than your system's optical field of view. This feature is available in Motorized Stage systems.

VisionGauge®'s "Auto-Mosaic" Tool is very easy to use:  Simply select two opposite corners of the area that you are interested in and press the "Scan" button. VisionGauge® does everything else! You can also tell VisionGauge® to periodically refocus the image or ignore a certain number of rows & columns of pixels on each of the different borders of each field-of-view. This allows you to compensate for uneven illumination, for example.

Finally, please note that the maximum size of the resulting image (and thus the maximum area that you can scan at any one time) is only limited by your computer's system memory.

Download a .pdf with information about VisionGauge®'s "Auto-Mosiac" tool.

High-Accuracy Automated Volume Measurement Tool

VisionGauge® high-accuracy automated volume measurement software tool is:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Fast
  • Produces very repeatable measurements, and
  • Yields operator-independent results

It produces:

  • a numerical value of the measured volume (you can select different metric or imperial units),
  • 3D surface plots (with an adjustable mesh coarseness, with either wire-mesh or surface rendering, and either with or without illumination modeling). These automatic 3D surface plots - which can be viewed from any perspective and rotated along all 3 axes - are very useful for properly viewing the sample from all angles and getting a good understanding of it.

The 1st image is "what the camera sees". The other images are different automatic 3D plots of the computed surface.

Of course, VisionGauge®'s fully automated high-accuracy volume measurement tool is perfectly integrated with VisionGauge®'s wide range of easy-to-use statistics, data collection, databasing, and reporting tools.

Download a .pdf with information about VisionGauge®'s full-automated volume measurement tool.



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