Non-contact Metrology and Optical Measuring Systems

In addition to the VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator, VISIONx, Inc. has worked with companies across various industries to create other non-contact metrology, visual inspection, and optical measuring systems. These vision measurement systems may include specialized configurations to meet specific requirements and solve challenging applications. Large-travel motorized systems for heavy parts, manual stages, multi-camera systems, turnkey systems, and more are available to meet our clients' inspection and measurement requirements.

All VISIONx, Inc. systems come complete with the VisionGauge® or VisionGauge® OnLine software packages. These software are easy-to-use for operators and can be completely automated by running pre-programmed routines for particular parts. The software contains dozens of powerful tools and features required in optical measuring systems:  Simple or complex measurements, image processing, motorized stage control, illumination control, sub-pixel edge detection, blob analysis (Counting and Sizing), pattern matching and registration, color analysis, optical character recognition and optical character verification (OCR/OCV), image overlays and comparison to tolerances, reporting and DDE transfer of results, support for digital I/O's, and many other features are available.

Below are some of the categories of systems we have provided to customers since our beginnings across a wide variety of industries requiring non-contact metrology, inspection, and optical measurement systems. These systems are still supported today and are still in use to solve their original applications - even tackling new applications. Read more about the various machine vision applications our systems have been solving.

More information about our fleet of VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators can be found on the main section of our site. You can learn about how VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators compare to traditional optical comparators and profile projectors in our article "What is an Optical Comparator ".

Optical Character Recognition & Verification Systems (OCR / OCV Systems)

Optical character recognition and verification system

VisionGauge® OnLine Optical Character Recognition Systems / Optical Character Verification Systems for industrial applications are designed to automatically locate, read, and verify text.

High-Accuracy, High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI Systems)

High-accuracy, high-speed AOI systems

VisionGauge® Online High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection Systems deliver high-throughput and high-resolution inspection for applications, including automated defect detection and high-accuracy measurement.

High-Accuracy AOI Systems (Automated Optical Inspection Systems)

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system

VisionGauge® High-Accuracy AOI Systems are fully-automated, full-color 3D imaging and inspection systems capable of high-accuracy measurements with customizable optics and stage configurations.

Cartesian Measurement and Vision Inspection Systems

Full-Gantry high-power VisionGauge cartesian system

VisionGauge® Cartesian Measurement and Vision Inspection Systems offer fast, programmable motion with accurate positioning and long travels - available with open or closed-frame configurations

High-Resolution, Field-of-View Inspection and Measurement Systems

Wide Field-of-View Optical Measurement System

VisionGauge® High-Resolution, Field-of-View Measurement Systems are highly-customizable and suitable for applications requiring high-accuracy measurement and documentation of parts measuring a few inches.

High Accuracy VisionGauge® 3D Measurement Systems

VisionGauge® High Accuracy 3D Inspection & Measurement Systems

3D automated stage-based measurement systems with VisionGauge®'s built-in auto-focus, sub-pixel edge-detection, and a wide range of image analysis and measurement tools.

Multi-Camera / Multi-View Vision Systems

Multi-camera vision system

VisionGauge® Online multi-camera vision systems allow the user to create inspection programs that can switch quickly between cameras and process numerous images on-the-fly

Laser Profiling Systems

Laser Profile Height Measurement

VisionGauge® OnLine LASER Profiling Systems are capable of fast and accurate, fully automated thickness/height measurements.

VisionGauge® / Smart Camera System bundles

VisionGauge Smart Camera bundles

VisionGauge® Smart Camera Bundles are complete, all-in-one solutions for both imaging and machine vision applications perfectly suited to a wide range of quality control and inspection applications.

High-Accuracy Automated Cable Cross-Section Measurement Systems for the Cable & Wire Industry

High-resolution cable cross-section inspection systems are designed to carry out high-accuracy automatic measurements of multi-strand cables with VisionGauge® OnLine.

Portable / Remote Visual Inspection Systems

Portable Vision Inspection system

Laptop-based, mobile visual inspection and video capture systems with VisionGauge® or VisionGauge® OnLine software.


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