VisionGauge® Machine Vision / Image Analysis software

VisionGauge - Computer software for visual inspection and high precision measurement

VisionGauge® is a powerful and easy-to-use machine vision and image analysis software product that will let you capture, manipulate, analyze, store and output images and data. It can be used to:

  • Carry out many different types of reliable and repeatable high-precision measurements
  • Compute measurement statistics
  • Count and measure discrete objects such as particles, grains and cells

VisionGauge® visual measurement software also has an integrated report generator that you can use to quickly and easily produce illustrated inspection reports containing measured data, imported images, and data into a database. In addition, VisionGauge® has the ability to transfer measurement results to DDE enabled programs and to automatically export measurements to Microsoft's Excel.

VisionGauge®  is primarily used in high-tech manufacturing industries:  Electronics, semiconductors, printed circuit boards, precision mechanical components and assemblies, etc... It is used for Quality Control, dimensional verification, documentation, training, as well as general imaging and high-precision visual measurement. Because VisionGauge® is so user-friendly, it can be used by anyone, whether they are executives or shop floor personnel.

VisionGauge® runs on all versions of Windows™ and is regularly updated. A full year membership to our renewable Annual Support and Update Program is included, which entitles you to receive free updates and unlimited support by phone, fax and Email.

VisionGauge® is very competitively priced and can be supplied as complete vision systems or vision inspection workstations, including computer, optics, lighting, camera, and motorized or manual positioning/focusing mechanisms, or as a board level and software product.

VisionGauge® can also be customized - quickly and cost-effectively - to meet the requirements of your specific application.

Real-Time Full Color Image Acquisition

General Imaging & Visual Inspection

Image Archiving & Retrieval

Image Printing

Image Exchange & Transmission

Image Annotation

Image Retouching & Enhancement

Image Processing

Image Comparison, Overlay, & Differencing

VisionGauge® Counting and Sizing
3D Inspection Power Zoom Inspection System

Image Analysis Software

Image Blending ("Perfect Focus")

High Precision Measurements & Measurement Statistics

Counting & Sizing Particles, Grains, Cells, and other Discrete Objects

Image Data Collection, Analysis, Databasing & Exchange

Video Sequence Capture & Analysis

Inspection & Measurement Report Generation

VisionGauge® comes in several editions, each with features designed for your vision system configuration and application needs:

Main VisionGauge® spec. sheet

VisionGauge® Standard Edition:
Powerful and easy-to-use image capture and analysis software with a wide variety of high-accuracy inspection and measurement tools.

VisionGauge® Manual Stage Edition:
Supports high-accuracy manual stage-based measurements with DRO display.

VisionGauge® Motorized Stage Edition:
Includes support for fully-automated, high-accuracy motorized stage-based measurements and auto-reporting.

VisionGauge® HT for Hardness Testing:
Automatically determines the hardness of materials by measuring characteristic dimensions on indentations made by standard Hardness Testing machines.

VisionGauge® software is often supplied as part of a complete vision system. These systems may include specialized components and configurations to solve applications with difficult requirements, or they may be generalized to solve a wide-variety of different inspection applications at the same workstation. VISIONx, Inc. is accustomed to customizing inspection systems to meet specific application needs, all with our powerful and easy-to-use VisionGauge® software interface.

VisionGauge® is readily integrated into AOI Systems, Fully-Automated High-Accuracy 3D Measurement Systems, Cartesian Measurement and Inspection Systems, Portable Inspection Systems, and much, much more. View our Machine Vision Systems section for examples of the complete vision systems we have provided with VisionGauge® software.

VisionGauge® software products are being continuously developed to add new tools and enhance existing tools, support new versions of Windows®, devices, and hardware, fix/update any problems, and generally improve performance. These enhancements allow our systems to solve new applications and improve the performance of current applications in the field. This approach has allowed us to update existing systems that were originally installed with Windows® 98 20+ years ago to the latest version of Windows® with up-to-date hardware without requiring users to purchase a new software license.

Contact us to learn more about our VisionGauge® Annual Support and Update Program (ASUP), allowing members access to unlimited Technical Support and software updates.

VisionGauge® software and products are being used across numerous industries to solve a vast array of machine vision and visual inspection applications. View our machine vision application sampling to find out how some of our VisionGauge® products are being applied.

Also learn about applications solved with our groundbreaking VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator.

Software Features

Create customized measurement reports with indexed keys and thumbnail image search capabilities to quickly retrieve saved results.

Use VisionGauge®'s image processing tools to "clean-up" images and transform them into imagery that can be successfully analyzed and measured.

VisionGauge® supports directly comparing images to their DXF CAD overlay, including "Part Tracking" for stage-based systems.

Capture full frame-rate video and save to file with analog and digital cameras.

VisionGauge®'s programmable computer-controlled illumination produces repeatable illumination conditions to improve measurement results.

VisionGauge® includes support for motorized optical systems, allowing both motorized zoom and focus to carry out high-accuracy measurements over the full zoom range of the optics.

The VisionGauge® Motorized Stage edition features several exclusive software tools, including:



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