VisionGauge® Measurement Tools, Statistics, & Reporting Features

High Precision Measurements and Measurement Statistics

Powerful & easy to use:

VisionGauge® is a powerful tool for non-contact visual measurements. It uses advanced edge-detection technology that produces sub-pixel accuracy, increases measurement repeatability and virtually eliminates operator dependent measurement error.

VisionGauge® is very simple to use and supports a wide range of measurement tools: from simple point-to-point measurements, diameters, radii, angles, and XY calipers to skew-corrected parallel hashlines and powerful and flexible marker-to-marker measurements, as well as fully-automated measurement software tools (e.g. line width, area calculation, and more).

Computing measurement statistics:

You can use VisionGauge® to compute measurement statistics, including sample mean, median, minimum and maximum, variance and standard deviation, as well as process capability statistics (i.e. Cp and Cpk). With VisionGauge®, it is easy to manage all of your data (i.e. images, measurements and statistics):

  • Link, store and recall all of your data with the easy-to-use integrated database and report generator
  • Save the information to disk
  • Print the information
  • Seamlessly transfer the information to other application


Here is an example of a simple marker-to-marker measurement. In this case, we are measuring from the center of the hole to the center of the pad. X, Y and "straight line" distances are shown:

Download a pdf with information about VisionGauge®'s Measurement Tools and Statistics Toolbox.

VisionGauge® Measurement Toolset

VisionGauge® has a wide selection of easy-to-use and powerful machine vision software measurement tools, including:

  • Point-to-point (i.e. "True Distance") measurement
  • Horizontal distance
  • Vertical distance
  • Distance between arbitrary parallel lines (i.e. with built-in skew correction)
  • Simultaneous XY measurements
  • Diameter (using 3 or more measurement points)
  • Radius (also using 3 or more measurement points)
  • Angle measurement
  • Orthogonal line width (i.e. automated measurement tool)
  • Arbitrary line width (i.e. automated measurement tool)
  • Automatic circle (i.e. automated measurement tool)
  • Automatic angle (i.e. automated measurement tool)
  • Pathline measurement
  • Area measurement
  • Z measurements
  • Distance between a point and a plane
  • The area of a thresholded object
  • The equivalent diameter of a thresholded object
  • The equivalent radius of a thresholded object
  • Maximum X and Y dimensions of a thresholded object
  • Marker-to-marker measurements, where markers can be:
    • A point
    • The center of an XY rectangle
    • The center of a circle
    • The center of an arbitary triangle
    • The center of an arbitrary 4-vertex feature
    • The center of an arbitrary 5-vertex feature
    • Line midpoint
    • Orthogonal to line
    • Zero position
    • The centroid of a thresholded object
    • ...
  • Advanced, fully-automated volume measurement tool
  • etc...

VisionGauge®'s Enhanced Database Search Tools
with "Thumbnail" Preview Image Gallery

VisionGauge® allows users to create customized measurement reports, storing an image, measurements, and text descriptions for each report. Reports can be used as templates for operators to fill in or standalone inspection reports for each part saved to the VisionGauge®'s integrated database.

You can use VisionGauge®'s enhanced "Database Search" tools to call up all of the reports in VisionGauge®'s report database that contain a specific search string (for example: a date, an evocative keyword, a specialized term, etc...). These enhanced "Database Search" tools work seamlessly with VisionGauge®'s integrated Report Generator and Database.

To carry out a search, simply type-in a search string and VisionGauge® shows you all of the reports in which it can be found, sixteen at a time. For each matching report, VisionGauge®'s "Database Search" tools display a thumbnail preview image, along with two "key field" strings. Then, when you click on the image of the report that you're looking for, VisionGauge® retrieves it from the database and loads it into the Report generator.



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