VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection & Measurement System High-Accuracy Inspection and Measurement System

The VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection & Measurement System is the perfect drop-in solution for automated cells and automation applications requiring high-accuracy inspection.

  • Is a VisionGauge® system designed specifically for automation applications
  • Is a very widely-applicable and extremely general-purpose system
  • Has all of VisionGauge’s® advanced inspection and measurement capabilities, including our patented CAD Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™ tools, and our patent-pending Tooth Checker™ tool.
  • Can easily be dropped into an existing automated cell
  • Has a very high-resolution optical system, with a large depth-of-field and a long working distance
  • Includes 3 different types of LED illumination:
    • Transmitted back illumination
    • Reflected off-axis illumination
    • Reflected coaxial illumination
  • Produces very crisp & clear, high-contrast, high-resolution images
  • Is easy to interface with a robot or other part-positioning equipment
  • Includes extensive communication capabilities (e.g. TCP/IP over Ethernet, digital I/Os, etc…) for full 2-way handshaking (with a robot or cell controller, for example)
  • Is available in both 10X and 20X magnifications
  • Is perfect for carrying out very high-accuracy inspections & measurements
  • Includes extensive data collection, statistics, charting, data manipulation & exchange capabilities
The VisionGauge Standalone Inspection and Measurement
The VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection and Measurement System’s main unit can be installed in any orientation: horizontally, vertically, upside-down… however best suits the space in your automation cell.
The mobile cabinet containing controls, user interface and I/O connections for the system
Remote cabinet with controls, user interface & I/O connections

 Overview Video:

Technical Specifications may be found in the downloadable data sheet.

VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection and Measurement Systems - 5-axis Inspection and Measurement Systems

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