VisionGauge® Remote Program Communications to Integrate Quality Inspection into Industrial Automation

VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator's Remote Program Communications feature makes it easy to interface with a robot or other part-positioning equipment to coordinate quality inspection operations. When enabled, VisionGauge® OnLine responds to commands/signals using various communication capabilities (TCP/IP communication via Ethernet, up to 48 digital I/O’s with our Automation Module, etc.) to load and monitor programs, retrieve results, process errors and messages, and more. Combined with VisionGauge® OnLine's extensive automated toolset, this feature completes the communication feedback loop for 100% lights-out, responsive quality inspection automation for integration with other systems performing related tasks.

Direct machinery robotic interface for visual inspection with VisionGauge

VisionGauge® OnLine Remote Program Communications feature is accessible through the software via user-configurable commands/responses using TCP/IP protocol over Ethernet or even WiFi at the data link layer to enable full 2-way handshaking for error/result reporting, remote control over automated program operations, and more directly over a network.

A separate Automation Module can be added to VisionGauge® systems to include responsive Input Monitoring and Output Conditions over digital I/O channels configured for 0-5V Low/High signals. These features allows users to configure specific hardware-level digital output channels on which to output a signal when a certain condition is met during a operation of the system and to select a digital input channel to monitor for a signal to perform a specific action in the software. The combination of these tools provides a customizable level of control over processes and communications with controllers, including visible/audible outputs and signals, process Stop/Go commands, error signaling, and much more.

Simplified TCP/IP Communications for Quality Inspection and Industrial Automation

Controllers tasked with running and monitoring an inspection cell or a specific process can easily connect with VisionGauge® OnLine over a network and exchange commands/responses with the software to monitor and coordinate an entirely automated quality inspection process.

Remote Program Communications supports various commands, including:

  • Loading and Running a specific program filepath
  • Setting or Retrieving general purpose string or numerical variables
  • Obtaining or setting the running status of a program (Start/Stop/Pause)

VisionGauge® OnLine can be configured to send updates/responses under various conditions with user-customizable string pre-fixes:

  • User-defined Heartbeat or Keep-Alive interval command to monitor software runtime status
  • Error messages or notifications issued by the software (even when 'silent mode' is activated during a program run)
  • Confirmation of requests/commands
  • Program results, status, and termination updates

A convenient test utility is available for setup and command testing.

Remote Program Communications demonstration

Digital Inputs Monitoring and Output Conditions

Input Monitoring allows digital input channels to be periodically scanned for a signal. When the target channel is activated, the software will perform specific actions. VisionGauge® OnLine supports many input signal monitoring actions, including:

  • Loading a program
  • Starting/Stopping/Pausing/Resuming a program
  • Clearing program errors
  • Stop/Prevent stage motion
  • Check software's status (to verify the software is still alive and responding)

Additional input signals can be processed during automated programs for a variety of steps, including coordinating image capture, waiting for signals before proceeding, setting up result variables for conditional processing, and more.

A safety E-Stop button is also included in the Automation Module that automatically stops all motion and terminates a running program when triggered.

Digital Input Monitoring

Output Conditions allow the user to configure digital output channels to be activated when certain conditions are met during software operation. VisionGauge® OnLine supports outputting a signal when various conditions are met or actions are performed:

  • Program is loaded and ready to run
  • Program status: Running/Paused/Completed
  • Program error
  • Silent Mode is enabled
  • Program Result (Pass/Fail)
  • In-Position (Stage is at a certain position)

Additional output is possible through automated programs, including individual inspection and measurement Pass/Fail results based on tolerances, data set testing, and conditional program flow configurations (e.g. looped program commands that experience specific program conditions, program timing options, etc.).

Output channels can be reserved so programs and operators cannot accidentally trigger output on dedicated channels.

VisionGauge OnLine's Digital Output Conditions

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