Automation Module VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators

VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators are available with an optional Automation Module - an "out of the box" solution with up to 48 user-configurable digital inputs and output channels used to send and receive a digital 0-5V (Low/High) signal. Industry-standard D-sub connectors allow easy hook-up to an external controller, robot, or other part-positioning equipment. It also includes an E-Stop that immediately stops all motion and terminates the execution of any program running when triggered.

VisionGauge® OnLine's Input Monitoring & Output Conditions features allows users extensive control over automation parameters. Input Monitoring permits users to select a channel to monitor for a input signal to perform specific actions in the software. Output Conditions are used to configure output channels on which to transmit a signal when a certain condition is met during a session of the software or while running a program.

With these features, a controller can easily and reliably coordinate communication and operations with VisionGauge® OnLine during inspection and measurement programs: Load specific programs, control run-time operations (start, stop, pause, etc.), check for specific robot load positions, obtain the current status of operations, monitor for errors and program results, and more.

VisionGauge®'s Automation Module enables extensive communication capabilities with external devices, making it easy to interface with a robot, cell controller, or other part-positioning equipment.

High-accuracy measurements with VisionGauge® can also send feedback and offsets to controllers for fully-automated offset correction. VisionGauge® systems are perfect for carrying out very high-accuracy inspections and measurements in automated applications. Using its extensive data collection, manipulation & exchange, statistics, charting, databasing and reporting tools, VisionGauge® can present manufacturers with a complete picture of ongoing production results during long automated runs.

The VisionGauge® Automation Module keeps VisionGauge® at the forefront of the automation revolution. Manufacturers can increase productivity, overcome labor scarcity, reduce costs, and gain all the benefits of VisionGauge®, 24/7 -  giving manufacturers a significant advantage in today's competitive markets.

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