Illumination VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators

VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators are available with transmitted (i.e. back) and / or reflected (i.e. front) illumination.

The VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators' advanced, high-quality illumination modules produce outstanding image clarity even on surfaces and materials that have historically been considered hard to work with (e.g. reflective materials, plastics, etc...) The illumination intensity is very uniform across the entire field-of-view.

Transmitted Illumination on a part on a Digital Optical Comparator
Image of a part using traditional transmitted (i.e. back) illumination. This produces the maximum edge / profile sharpness
Reflected illumination on a Digital Optical Comparator
Image of the same part using both transmitted (i.e. back) and reflected (i.e. front) illumination. In this case we can also inspect the surface of the part.

All illumination is LED-based for very stable and repeatable illumination conditions over a very long life (no more bulbs to replace!). Furthermore, the illumination is programmable and computer-controlled, which ensures repeatable results.

All of the illumination is controlled through a single simple and intuitive software interface!

plastic part on a Digital Optical Comparator
Crisp and Clear image of plastic part (with no glare)

Different types of illumination, to make different features and defects stand out, are available. For example, our co-axial diffuse illumination is especially designed to produce uniform, shadow- and glare-free illumination. It is mounted on a "swing arm" to allow the operator to easily put it in position and retract it when it is not needed. And - again: it uses the latest LED technology and is computer-controlled by the system's software.

Adapted diffuse co-axial illumination module on a Digital Optical Comparator
Adapted diffuse co-axial illumination module.

The following images show the effect of the " VGDOC-30-COAXRI " light source on a reflective / shiny surface (in this case: the touch pad of a BlackBerry).

standard reflected illumination on VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator
Using standard reflected illumination
coax illumination on a Digital Optical Comparator
Using the "VGDOC-30-COAXRI" illumination module

Please contact us for more information including a detailed spec sheet, a "Frequently Asked Questions" document, pricing, etc...

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