Image Analysis Software for Microscopy and Biology Applications

VisionGauge software contains advanced features currently in use to solve numerous digital image analysis applications for microscopy and biology/biomedical research applications, including photomicrography, cell inspection, particle counting and sizing, neurological imaging, and more.

Cell Inspection and Measurement

VisionGauge OnLine Counting and Sizing (Blob Analysis) tools are able to automatically locate, count and size cell or unicellular organism. VisionGauge OnLine is able to automatically locate, count and size cells and unicellular organisms.

The cell is the basic structure and functional unit of all known living organisms. With great advances in microbiology, accurate cell inspection is of great interest for many industries. VisionGauge® OnLine Counting and Sizing (Blob Analysis) tools are able to automatically locate, count, and size cells and unicellular organisms. After setting up a region of interest on the image, the source can be analyzed in such channels as luminance, hue, saturation, and the different gamma colors.

VisionGauge® OnLine's Counting & Sizing (Blob Analysis) Tool can perform various automated measurements and calculations for cell inspection such as:

  • The total number of cell presents in the region of interest
  • The area of the smallest and largest cell present
  • The average area of cells
  • Point-to-Point distances
  • Diameter measurement for nuclei, etc
  • and more...


Also our powerful pattern matching systems can recognize the difference between a known good cell pattern and any other cell being inspected; this way the system can pick out anomalies on the cell being analyzed. Our software is adaptable and can apply size filters to analyze only those objects falling in a certain range. Additional features in our advanced toolset can automate measurements and location, perform presence/absence detection, color verification, and much more.

In addition, this process can be programmed into VisionGauge® OnLine's Program Toolbox, so the inspection is performed automatically by our systems. Results can be automatically exported and catalogued in a variety of formats. Our machine vision software and visual inspection systems can be customized for your cell inspectioncontact us to find out more.

VisionGauge® Software for Photomicrography

digital photomicrography with VisionGauge image analysis software VisionGauge® inspection and measurement systems and software are capable of producing stunning photomicrographs or micrographs. Our systems are easily adapted to large magnification, can move in three dimensions, and are capable of being programmed for full automation. Our systems are fully customizable and can be configured with some of the following features:

  • High-precision crossed-roller movements with 0.1 micron encoder feedback
  • Interchangeable levels of magnification
  • Computer controlled illumination, direct or reflected
  • Computer controlled movement in 3-D
  • Computer controlled motorized zoom and focus
  • Vibration isolation
  • High-resolution cameras for digital photomicroscopy


digital photomicrography and image analysis with VisionGaugeAlso, to better help you achieve crystal clear photomicrography results, VisionGauge® software includes several image processing tools:

  • Image flipping and rotation operations
  • Correction of uneven illumination
  • Adjust brightness and/or contrast
  • Removal of image noise
  • Image tagging, annotation, and overlaying
  • Auto-alignment
  • High-resolution image stitching
  • and much more


Our VisionGauge® photomicrography software allows you obtain the best images possible. We are adept at customizing systems and software features to meet the needs of various applications and can even provide entire photomicrography systems complete with optics, illumination, and stage components as required. Contact us to let us know how we can put VisionGauge® to work for you.



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