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VisionGauge Online for in-process and sampling/off-line applications

VisionGauge Online Machine Vision Software

VisionGauge OnLine is a powerful machine vision software for automated inspection, verification and data collection . VisionGauge OnLine is extremely easy to setup and use. VisionGauge OnLine can be used for both in-line / in-process and sampling / off-line applications.

VisionGauge OnLine:

  • Has state-of-the-art vision tools

  • Is extremely flexible

  • Allows for easy data export

  • Has an intuitive Windows™ interface

VisionGauge OnLine machine vision software is:

  • Powerful

  • Accurate

  • Fast

  • Easy to setup

  • Easy to program

Some of the machine vision tools available in VisionGauge OnLine include:

  • Alignment

  • Registration

  • Pattern Matching

  • Automated Measurements

  • Analysis

  • Defect Detection

  • Assembly Verification

  • Optical Character Recognition & Verification (OCR / OCV)

  • Blob Analysis

  • Color Verification

  • Presence / Absence Detection

  • Object Counting & Sizing

VisionGauge OnLine is a true 32-bit application that runs under Windows 95™ / 98™ / NT™ / 2000™ / XP™ / Vista™. It is very competitively priced and can be supplied as complete machine vision inspection workstations, including computer, optics, lighting, camera and positioning and focusing mechanism, or as a board level and software product.

VisionGauge OnLine software and systems includes a full year membership to the renewable VisionGauge OnLine Annual Support and Update Program, which entitles you to receive free software updates and unlimited support by phone, fax and email.

VisionGauge OnLine machine vision software Spec Sheets:

Product overview:

Adobe pdfGeneral VisionGauge OnLine machine vision software information

Detailed product information:

VisionGauge OnLine Standard Edition:

Adobe pdf Detailed VisionGauge OnLine Standard Edition spec. sheet

VisionGauge OnLine Motorized Stage Configuration:

Adobe pdf Detailed VisionGauge OnLine Motorized Stage Configuration spec. sheet

Frequently Asked Questions:

Adobe pdfFrequently Asked Questions About VisionGauge OnLine

Spec. sheets and links about a few of VisionGauge OnLine's features:

Adobe pdfVisionGauge OnLine's Live Image Overlay Builder tool and Digital Optical Comparator Systems

Digital Video Comparators overlay CAD DXF format files on live video

LINK: VisionGauge OnLine Optical Character Recognition and Optical Character Verification Systems (OCR / OCV Systems)

Adobe pdfVisionGauge OnLine's automated LASER Profiling tool for fast & accurate 3D Measurements

Adobe pdfVisionGauge OnLine's automatic Distortion Correction tool

Adobe pdfVisionGauge OnLine's SmartCapture™ tool

LINK: The new VisionGauge OnLine Audio / Video Demo & Training CD is now available.

Adobe pdfVisionGauge Annual Support And Update Program

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