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Custom Vision Inspection Systems
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One of the things that we do especially well is customize our "off-the-shelf" machine vision and vision inspection products - quickly & cost-effectively - to solve one-of-a-kind applications. We have worked with end users and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide to solve many unique and difficult customized imaging applications.

Our imaging and machine vision software libraries are the product of over 10 years of continuous and ongoing development. They have been applied to solve thousands of applications. They are field tested and robust. They are also extremely powerful and have been optimized to automatically take advantage of hyper-threading, multi-core and multi-processor computers. And because we have developed all of our software ourselves, in-house, it's easy for us to extend and adapt it to solve unusual applications.

We also have a complete imaging lab with countless different lenses, cameras, framegrabbers, illumination modules, motion platforms, stages and columns, I/O and other expansion boards, computers, and other related hardware. We can thus carry out tests on samples sent to us by customers to determine the best solution for their application.

We use advanced 3D modeling as a basis for our system designs for fast, accurate system planning and integration.

3D modeling for fast, accuarate system design and integration

We can customize imaging systems to meet your requirements

These customized machine vision solutions are available at a software or system level. Here's just one example where we very successfully created one of our VisionGauge custom vision inspection systems to solve an unusual & difficult customer application:


For a manufacturer of precision optical components, VISIONx INC. produced a customized version of VisionGauge machine vision software to be used in a sophisticated MTF measurement machine. An optical system's MTF is a measure of its ability to reproduce & distinguish between various levels of detail. This customized version of VisionGauge supports simultaneous image acquisition from 9 black and white cameras, multiple display modes between which the user can change "on-the-fly", automatic MTF measurement, automatic PASS / FAIL determination, as well as capabilities for accumulating production & inspection data.

View more information on our VisionGauge Online Multi-Camera Vision Systems.

Download a video of one of our more recent customized inspection systems:

Custom vision inspection systems
.wmv format approx. 6MB

For a list of some of the applications we have solved, please visit our Application Sampling section.

For a list of customers and OEM's we have worked with, please visit our customer sampling.

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