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LASER Profiling Systems
for Fast and Accurate Thickness Measurements

VisionGauge® OnLine LASER profiling systems are complete hardware & software solution for fast, easy and accurate 3D measurements. Theses systems use fully-automated LASER profiling to carry out thickness measurements. With VisionGauge® OnLine LASER profiling measurement tools, Z-axis measurements can typically be carried out as quickly as regular (X,Y) measurements.

VisionGauge® OnLine LASER profiling systems have no a priori restrictions regarding the part geometry and they can deal with a wide range of 3D geometries.

VisionGauge is able to measure heights or thicknesses by measurement the laser offset.
The (2D) offset measurement corresponds to the (3D) depth / height.



Automated Laser Profiling Systems can handle many different 3D part geometries.
VisionGauge® OnLine’s LASER Profiling tool
is compatible with various 3D geometries.

Laser profiling for height and depth measurements configuration.

LASER Profiling involves projecting one or multiple LASER lines at a specified angle relative to the optical centerline. You can then carry out height / depth measurements (i.e. 3D measurements) by measuring the offset of the projections on a (2D) image.

Measuring the offset of the laser projections gives the height.


Automated Laser Profiling Systems for Thickness MeasurementsVisionGauge® OnLine's automated LASER Profiling tool for fast & accurate 3D Measurements

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