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New developments:

Get the latest VisionGauge® OnLine update.

Get the latest VisionGauge® update.

Product overview:

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Detailed product information:

VisionGauge® OnLine Standard Edition:

Adobe pdf Detailed VisionGauge® OnLine Standard Edition spec. sheet

VisionGauge® OnLine Motorized Stage Configuration:

Adobe pdf Detailed VisionGauge® OnLine Motorized Stage Configuration spec. sheet

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VisionGauge OnLine Performance improvements

  • Accolades 2007 winner(June 2007)

Smart Camera systems

high speed high accuracy AOI systems

automated optical inspection systems

  • In VisionGauge(r) OnLine we've added the ability to output data directly to COM ports (October 2005).
  • We've added multi-camera support in VisionGauge(r) OnLine (August 2004)
  • We've added support for motorized optics (i.e. Power Zoom and / or  Focus) in VisionGauge(r) OnLine (January 2004)
  • We've added support for programmable, computer-controlled illumination in VisionGauge(r) OnLine (December 2003)
  • November 2003:     Our VisionGauge(r) High-Accuracy 3D Measurement Systems are now also available with a standard travel of 18"x18" as an off-the-shelf item.

    The standard travels available are now:

    • 4" x 4"   (i.e. 100 mm x 100 mm)
    • 8" x 8"   (i.e. 200 mm x 200 mm)
    • 12 " x 12"   (i.e. 300 mm x 300 mm)
    • 18" x 18"   (i.e. 450 mm x 450 mm)
    Note that - for all of these different stage travels - the systems continue to be available in both open- and closed-frame configuration.

    Also, encoder resolutions of 0.05 micron are now also available. The Standard encoder resolutions presently available are: 

    • 2 micron, 
    • 1 micron, 
    • 0.5 micron, 
    • 0.1 micron and 
    • 0.05 micron.

    Of course, we continue to accomodate requests non-standard travels and non-standard encoder resolutions...

  • We've added a new automated Counting & Sizing tool to VisionGauge(r) OnLine (November 2003)
  • VisionGauge OnLine's® new Measurement tools (July 2003)
  • VisionGauge OnLine's® new Color Verification tool (July 2003)
  • VisionGauge OnLine's® new Pattern Matching tools (June 2003)

Power zoom  - motorized zoom and focus

automated volume measurement

automated volume measurement

  • Our systems are also available with wafer holders (to accomodate all industry-standard sizes), with 360 deg. rotation, either with or without vacuum

wafer holders

  • VisionGauge's® Powerful New Focused-Based Image Blending Tool (i.e. "Perfect focus") (April 2000)