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Auto-Mosaic Tool
("Auto-Stitch" or Automatic Image Stitching)

VisionGauge's "Auto-Mosaic" Tool (or automatic image stitching) allows you to automatically build a very high-resolution image of areas that are larger than your system's optical field of view.

VisionGauge's "Auto-Mosaic" Tool is very easy to use: simply select two opposite corners of the area that you are interested in and press the "Scan" button. VisionGauge does everything else! You can also tell VisionGauge to periodically refocus the image or ignore a certain number of rows & columns of pixels on each of the different borders of each field-of-view. This allows you to compensate for uneven illumination, for example.

Here are some pictures of VisionGauge's "Auto-Mosaic" Toolbox:

VisionGauge's Auto-Mosaic Tool - Automatic Image Stitching

VisionGauge's Auto Mosaic Builder - Automatic Image Stitching

Finally, please note that the maximum size of the resulting image (and thus the maximum area that you can scan at any one time) is only limited by your computer's system memory.

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