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Cartesian Measurement and Vision Inspection Systems

Full-Gantry Cartesian configuration - Inspection and Metrology system

Full-Gantry configuration with vibration isolation table

Open-frame, half-gantry Cartesian motorized metrology and inspection system

Open-frame half-gantry configuration with back illumination

  • Fast motion

  • Long travel

  • Available with open or closed-frame configuration

  • Perfect for fast and accurate positioning followed by vision inspection and high-accuracy field-of-view measurements

  • Also appropriate for part scanning, using VisionGauge's "scan mode" over a user-defined area

  • Used in a wide range of industrial production and quality control applications

  • 3D programmable motion

  • Easy to program "step-and-repeat" operation using VisionGauge's intuitive "teach" mode

  • Quickly create, save and reload motion programs

  • The Cartesian measurement systems can be controlled through an external (3-axis, 3-speed) joystick, as well as through the "onscreen" joystick

  • Half-gantry (i.e. "bridge") configuration reduces space requirements

  • Also available in full gantry configuration for ultra-long travels and heavy samples

  • High-resolution zoom optics, available in both manual and motorized (i.e. "power zoom") configuration

  • Available with programmable computer-controlled illumination

  • Other "custom" optical configurations are also available

  • These vision inspection systems can be customized and configured to meet your specific requirements

These Cartesian Measurement and Vision Inspection Systems are built around the powerful and easy-to-use VisionGauge machine vision software package, which means that they have a simple and intuitive Windows™ interface and include a wide range of fully-integrated tools for imaging, image analysis, statistics, databasing, reporting, and much, much more!

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