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VisionGauge® Support for DXF Format
CAD Files With "Part Tracking"

Powerful & easy to use:

VisionGauge’s® Live Image Overlay Builder supports DXF-format CAD files. When you read a DXF file into the Live Image Overlay Builder, VisionGauge® can automatically scale the drawing to match up with the system calibration. This means that if the item measures one inch in the CAD drawing, it will appear on the screen as a one-inch object under the camera.

This is the perfect tool to use when comparing a part against its CAD drawing; VisionGauge® scales the CAD drawing appropriately and draws it "on top" of the part!

VisionGauge’s® Live Image Overlay software tool with DXF-format CAD file support allows you to quickly determine how well a part matches up with its CAD file definition.

And when you use this tool with a stage (either manual or motorized), the overlay can be made to move with the part. By having the overlay "track the part" in this way, you can carry out inspections and compare the part with the CAD overlay drawing at higher magnifications.

CAD Overlay Part Tracking Inspection software

Other display options are also available: for example, you can scale the CAD drawing to fit inside the image or you can specify your own scaling coefficient.

More advanced CAD overlay handling and part comparison is available in our VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator system.

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