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VisionGauge® Measurement Toolset

VisionGauge« has a wide selection of easy-to-use and powerful machine vision software measurement tools, including:

  • Point-to-point (i.e. "True Distance") measurement

  • Horizontal distance

  • Vertical distance

  • Distance between arbitrary parallel lines (i.e. with built-in skew correction)

  • Simultaneous XY measurements

  • Diameter (using 3 or more measurement points)

  • Radius (also using 3 or more measurement points)

  • Angle measurement

  • Orthogonal line width (i.e. automated measurement tool)

  • Arbitrary line width (i.e. automated measurement tool)

  • Automatic circle (i.e. automated measurement tool)

  • Automatic angle (i.e. automated measurement tool)

  • Pathline measurement

  • Area measurement

  • Z measurements

  • Distance between a point and a plane

  • The area of a thresholded object

  • The equivalent diameter of a thresholded object

  • The equivalent radius of a thresholded object

  • Maximum X and Y dimensions of a thresholded object

  • Marker-to-marker measurements, where markers can be:

    • A point

    • The center of an XY rectangle

    • The center of a circle

    • The center of an arbitary triangle

    • The center of an arbitrary 4-vertex feature

    • The center of an arbitrary 5-vertex feature

    • Line midpoint

    • Orthogonal to line

    • Zero position

    • The centro´d of a thresholded object

    • ...

  • etc...

Along with this broad measurement toolset, VisionGauge« also has built-in skew correction, measurement tolerancing (for "Go / No-Go" analysis), a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use "Statistics" toolbox, a built-in "measurement-ready" report generator & database, built-in functionality for data exchange with other applications, etc...

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