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VisionGauge's Enhanced Database Search Tools
with "Thumbnail" Preview Image Gallery

You can use VisionGauge's new enhanced "Database Search" tools to call up all of the reports in VisionGauge's report database that contain a specific search string (for example: a date, an evocative keyword, a specialized term, etc...). Searches can either be case sensitive or not. These enhanced "Database Search" tools work seamlessly with VisionGauge's integrated Report Generator and Database. 

To carry out a search, simply type-in a search string and VisionGauge shows you all of the reports in which it can be found, sixteen at a time. For each matching report, VisionGauge's "Database Search" tools display a thumbnail preview image, along with two "key field" strings. Then, when you click on the image of the report that you're looking for, VisionGauge retrieves it from the database and loads it into the Report generator. 

Thumbnail display of VisionGauge's database

[Image Thumbnail Preview Database - Report Search]

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