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Focused-Based Image Blending
("Perfect focus")

You can use this tool to combine two or more partially-focused images into one fully-focused image! This is extremely useful in applications where your instrument's optical depth-of-field is less than the height of the features & topography on the sample. 

This fully-automatic image focus blending tool works on color as well as greyscale images, and there is no limit on the number of component images that you can use.

Here's a simple example:

1st partially-focused component image:

First Partially focused image

2nd partially-focused component image:
(the IC is out of focus and the board is in focus)

Second First Partially focused image

Resulting fully-focused image: 

Resulting Fully focused image


With this tool, you can choose from 4 different automatic image blending algorithms:

1. Best focus
2. Weighted focus
3. Power-weighted focus, and
4. Adaptive (i.e. neighborhood-weighted best focus).

In practice, the 4th algorithm generally gives excellent results (and is always active by default), but the other 3 schemes are also available to give advanced users a maximum level of flexibility. 

This tool is available in versions 5.40 and more recent of VisionGauge.


VisionGauge's Focus-Based Image Blending toolVisionGauge's Focus-Based Image Blending Tool

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