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Full Frame-Rate Video Sequence Capture Tool

VisionGauge's® powerful Video Sequence Capture tool allows full frame-rate video capture (or slower, if specified by the user) to system memory. Once captured to memory, the video can be played back, modified, saved to disk & retrieved later on, etc... The amount of video that can be captured (i.e. duration) is only limited by system memory. 

VisionGauge® can save the video to disk as a sequence of individual bitmap images or as an "*.avi" movie file that can be played by other applications such as RealPlayer™ and Windows Media™ Player.

In all cases, the video is captured and saved at full resolution and without compression, in full color and at full video frame-rate.

VisionGauge's® Video Sequence Capture tool supports both analog and digital cameras.

This tool is especially useful for time-dependent processes, motion tracking, etc...

video sequence capture
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