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VisionGauge Users Newsletter

Members of the VisionGauge Annual Support and Update Program can subscribe - at no charge - to the VisionGauge Users Newsletter.

By subscribing to the VisionGauge Users Newsletter, you will automatically be notified each time that a new update of VisionGauge becomes available (typically once or twice a month).  The VisionGauge Users Newsletter also contains a description of the new features and enhancements in each new VisionGauge update, as well as any instructions and other useful information that will allow you to get the maximum benefit from these enhancements.

Through the VisionGauge Users Newsletter, you will also be notified of certain special events, for example when new training material becomes available, etc...

The VisionGauge Users Newsletter is sent by email to all participants of this program withing one hour following the release of a new update of VisionGauge.

To subscribe to the VisionGauge Users Newsletter, simply send an email to and indicate "Subscribe to the VisionGauge(r) Users Newsletter" in the main body of the email. You will automatically subscribed to our user list.

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