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Portable Vision Inspection and Video Capture With Laptop Computers

Powerful & Easy to use Mobile Visual Inspection Systems

VisionGauge® laptop-based mobile visual inspection, measurement & data collection systems are the ideal solution for mobile, remote and field inspection and measurement applications. These portable measurement systems produce high quality & high-resolution full color images and are compatible with almost all laptop & notebook PCs. They also support a wide range of video sources: standard video cameras, specialty video sources (borescopes, ruggedized & waterproof cameras, microcameras, flexible & rigid fiber-based scopes, handheld cameras etc...) and even VCRs & camcorders. These general-purpose mobile systems can solve a wide range of industrial, military and R&D applications, such as:

  • General mobile testing, image & data collection and reporting,

  • Remote viewing, imaging & non-contact measurement,

  • Flaw detection & wear assessment,

  • General Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and remote visual inspection,

  • Field surveillance,

  • Difficult remote applications,

  • Field inspection of tanks, vessels, tubes, pipes...

  • Internal inspection of die castings, turbine housings...

  • Etc...

These portable video inspection systems are very competitively priced and can be supplied either as a complete turnkey solution or as a board level & software product. The basic system includes our powerful and easy to use VisionGauge® machine vision software package with its familiar Windows interface, a high-resolution megapixel digital color camera, a lens and a compatible notebook computer. This is a complete, ready-to-run solution!

Portable video inspection system

Portable video inspection / mobile visual inspection systems featuring VisionGauge

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