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High-Resolution, Wide Field-of-View Measurement Systems

High-Accuracy Wide Field of View, High-Resolution Measurement System

The VisionGauge wide field-of-view, high-resolution measurement systems use specialized long-working-distance telecentric optics to produce extremely crisp & clear imagery with extremely low distortion. Different configurations are available with field-of-views as wide as 4.5" (approx. 115 mm). These inspection and measurement systems also include a high-resolution digital color camera and are capable of resolutions as fine as 0.001" (approx. 25 um).

VisionGauge high-resolution, wide field of view measurement systems come with both transmitted & reflected illumination and, as an option, can also include adapted X-Y-Theta positioning mechanisms for quick & easy part alignment.

These field of view measurement systems are built around the industry-standard VisionGauge machine vision software package. As such, they support all of the tools and functionality of the Standard Edition of the VisionGauge software package and provide all of the benefits, power and ease-of-use of VisionGauge.

These high-accuracy systems are ideal for high-resolution volume inspection, measurement and documentation of parts measuring a few inches.

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