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At VISIONx, we take great pride in providing high quality support. The support that we provide obviously includes helping you solve any basic problems that may arise when using our products. But we are also capable of providing advanced technical support services to help you resolve detailed questions about running a particular analysis or find a suitable approach to solving unusual and complicated problems. 

Common Things Are Common...

Most of the problems that we see are basic and have a simple & straightforward solution. Furthermore, we don't see many different problems... but the problems that we do see, we see quite frequently. So it's very likely that we've already seen your problem and that we've posted it's solution on our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We suggest that you have a look at this list.

Getting Your Question Answered Quickly

When you contact us for support, please be prepared to provide us with all of the information required to help us understand your problem. This will allow us to solve the problem for you as quickly as possible.

When you contact us for support, please be prepared to answer the following basic questions: 

  • What are the symptoms of the problem that you are having?
  • What is the exact sequence of events that led to the problem? For example: Which keystrokes did you type? What commands did you give? What parameter values did you enter? What other applications were running on the machine? Which windows were open? etc... Please provide as much detailed information as possible.
  • Can the problem be reproduced "on demand"? If so, how?
  • Which error messages did you get (if any)?
  • Which Edition and which Version of VisionGauge are you running? If you don't understand this question, or if you can't answer it, please see the related FAQ. (i.e. FAQ #3.1).

If you think that your problem might be related to your computer system (for example: installation of hardware components, program installation, device drivers, device or network conflicts, etc...) please be prepared to answer the following basic questions:

  • What operating system are you using?
  • What type of computer are you using (i.e. processor manufacturer, model & speed; amount of installed memory, etc...)?
  • Which error messages are you getting (if any)?

Also, if you're working on a tricky & unusual problem that can only be described correctly using engineering sketches of the physical application that you are trying to solve, it might be more effective to send this information (either by email, fax or surface mail) before contacting us, so that your initial conversation can be efficient. If you already have some results, then send them as well.


Contacting VISIONx for Support

To obtain technical support, you can email us at: We respond to all request for support promptly and we do not use "autoresponders" (i.e. automated response systems).

You can also call us Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST at: (514) 694-9290.

If you need to fax us any supporting information, our fax number is: (514) 694-9488.

VisionGauge Annual Support and Update Program

VisionGauge is supported through the VisionGauge Annual Support and Update Program, and every new license of VisionGauge includes a full-year's membership to this Program. Your membership to the VisionGauge Annual Support and Update Program also provides you with - among many other things - a wealth of valuable and useful information that will allow you get the most from VisionGauge. We encourage you to keep your membership to the VisionGauge Annual Support and Update Program current in order to receive all of the Program's benefits.

VisionGauge Users Newsletter

Members of the VisionGauge Annual Support and Update Program can also subscribe to the VisionGauge Users Newletter to automatically be notified when new updates of VisionGauge become available, and to receive lots of other useful information as well.

Training Seminars

Please be aware that we regularly offer seminars to provide training in the effective use of our products. We organize seminars for both resellers and end-users of our products. These seminars usually take place in our office, but we can also arrange to offer them at a remote training facility or at a customer location. If you are interested in attending one of our training seminars, please let us know.

How Can We Improve VisionGauge?

We are continuously working to improve VisionGauge and many new & useful features have grown out of suggestions made by users of VisionGauge. If you have a good suggestion for a useful improvement, please let us know. We will definitely consider it for future releases. 

We want to know: 

  • How we can make VisionGaugeeasier to use, 
  • How we can make VisionGauge more powerful,
  • If you have ideas for improvements that would allow VisionGauge to solve NEW applications!

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