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High-Accuracy Automated Optical Inspection Systems
(AOI Systems)

  • Fully-automated and high-accuracy 3D inspection and measurement systems.

  • High-power, long working distance optics and high-resolution digital camera are perfect for high-magnification applications.

  • These are full-color systems capable of high-accuracy measurements, automated defect detection and color verification.

  • Extensive "Auto-Scan" toolset for automatic defect detection applications.

  • Built-in advanced auto-focus tool for fast, accurate & repeatable re-focusing.

  • Standard configurations are available "off the shelf" and non-standard configurations can also easily be accommodated. We can configure a system to meet your specific requirements!

  • Open-frame stage with glass insert allows for both transmitted and reflected illumination.

  • Half-and full-bridge configurations are also available (for heavy loads and long travels).

  • High-precision crossed-roller movements with 0.1 micron encoder feedback.

  • Micro-stepping motor controller is capable of ultra-fine movements.

  • All axes can be controlled using either the external (i.e. 3-axis, 3-speed) joystick or using the on-screen joystick controls.

  • With VisionGauge OnLine's intuitive "teach" mode, it is easy to create part programs, then let the system perform automated measurements.

  • Programs can be saved and read-in from disk.

  • These systems include programmable, computer-controlled illumination (for repeatable results)

  • Very competitively priced

Motorized Stage Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system

Many Different Configuration are Available!

VisionGauge Cartesian Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System

Half- and Full-Bridge Configurations are also Available, with a Wide Range of Stage travels & Optical Illumination Configurations.

These Systems are Built Around the Power & Easy-to-Use VisionGauge OnLine AOI software :

  • Using the powerful and easy-to-use VisionGauge OnLine software package, these systems have a simple and intuitive Windows™ interface and include a wide range of fully-integrated tools for imaging, automated optical inspection (i.e. AOI) and automated measurements, qualitative Pass/Fail inspection, pattern matching, Optical Character Recognition & Optical Character Verification (i.e. OCR & OCV), statistics, databasing, reporting and much, much more!

  • Advanced software tools include: robust and very accurate Auto-Focus, wide range of advanced edge-detection based sub-pixel-accurate measurement tools, automatic registration tools, powerful, rotation independent pattern matching tools, color verification tools, "Counting & Sizing" (i.e. "blob analysis") tools, power zoom and programmable computer-controlled illumination,.

  • These systems include a wide range of analysis and measurement tools to allow you to successfully solve a wide range of inspection and measurement machine vision applications

  • These systems are very easy to program. Everything is done using the mouse & joystick, through VisionGauge's intuitive graphical user interface.

  • Quickly and easily review results, view images of "pass" or "fail" parts, export data to Excel or any other application, built-in SPC (with graphs as well as numerical & pass/fail statistics), etc...

VisionGauge Online Parts Groups Interface

VisionGauge OnLine AOI software has a very simple and intuitive graphical user interface


Standard XY Stage travels (other travels available as "non-standard" orders)
4"x4", 8"x8",
12"x12" and 18"x18"
Number of motorized axes
3 axes (i.e. XYZ) standard
(up to 20 axis of motion available
in "non-standard" configurations)
XY encoder resolution 0.1 um
Standard Z axis travel
(other travels available as "non-standard" orders)
Z encoder resolution 0.1 um
Stage movement High-accuracy crossed roller movement
Motion parameters
(i.e. speed, convergence criteria, etc...)
High-resolution color digital camera
(progressive scan)
Illumination Programmable, computer-controlled
Optics High-power, long working distance
Power zoom Available as an option
External joystick Yes (3-speed, 3-axis)
On-screen joystick Yes (3-speed, 3-axis)
Software VisionGauge Online
Software interface Graphical (i.e. "point & click")
Built-in SPC software with automatic numerical charts & Pass / Fail graphs Yes
Automatic data export to Excel™ Yes
Automatic data export to other applications Yes (through Windows™ DDE or other mechanisms)
Built-in Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) support Yes
Easy file data import & export Yes
All done with mouse & joystick, through the software's Graphical
User Interface, and through the software's "teach" mode
Pattern macthing tools Yes
Optical Character Recognition & Verification (OCR / OCV) tools Yes
OCR / OCV character library No limitations (i.e. the system is "trainable")
Color verification tools Yes
Measurement tools
Wide range of edge-detection based sub-pixel accurate 3D
measurement tools
Image analysis tools Yes
Image manipulation & image processing tools Yes
Counting & Sizing (i.e. "blob analysis") tools Yes
Automatic registration tools (i.e. to correct for variations of both translation & rotation) Yes
Very robust and accurate, with user-selectable region-of-interest
and search range
Non-destructive live image overlays Yes (user-selectable)
Auto-Scan tool (for automatic defect detection on large samples) Yes
Ability to automatically save image of defects Yes
Post-analysis Pass / Fail summary report (to allow the operator review & override results) Yes
Built-in ability to interface to other (external) equipment & machinery Yes
Built-in password supervisor-level / operator-level protection Yes
Calibration NIST-traceable
Built-in "F1 Help" Included
Clear and easy-to-use documentation (both printed and "pdf" format) Included
Support (by phone, fax & email) Included for a full year
Warranty 1 year (complete)

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