Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI systems)

VisionGauge® OnLine Automated Optical Inspection system (AOI systems) are fully-automated 3D inspection and measurement systems capable of delivering high-accuracy results for various applications and industries. Many different configurations are available, depending on the requirements of the application.

High-Accuracy, High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection Systems

VisionGauge® Online High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection systems are the ideal solution for demanding high-throughput, high-resolution applications. These systems are suitable for a wide range of applications requiring automated defect detection and high-accuracy measurements, including  MicroElectroMechanical systems (for MEMS inspection or MEMS measurement), semiconductor and discrete device inspection and measurement, and much  more.

High-accuracy, high-speed AOI systems
VisionGauge® High-Speed, High-Accuracy AOI System inspection area

VisionGauge® Online High-Speed AOI systems are multi-processor based automated inspection systems that support concurrent image analysis and stage motion. It is a complete, fully-contained, self-standing unit in a full gantry configuration (i.e. the camera moves over the parts; the parts themselves do not move).

These systems are available with a resolution as fine as 0.1 micron. Multiple customizations are possible to meet application-specific requirements including modifications to the camera, optics, illumination module, fixtures, and more. An optional LASER module for automated laser profiling can also be integrated. We provide a wide range of travels, short and long, and a high-speed 240 VAC servomotor motion system for rapid, accurate positioning.

VisionGauge® Online High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection systems are powerful, but easy to use and easy to program. Fully-automated inspection and measurement programs (i.e. “recipes”) are created and modified using VisionGauge®’s intuitive Graphical User Interface. Programs can be saved to disk and read-in later on, allowing the possibility to manage different inspection routines for different parts.

VisionGauge® OnLine software includes a wide range of inspection and measurement tools, including:

  • Defect detection
  • Color verification
  • Pattern matching
  • High-accuracy measurements
  • Object counting & sizing
  • Assembly verification
  • Image analysis
  • Blob analysis
  • Presence/absence detection
  • Optical character recognition / verification
  • and much more…

Sample videos:

Head-on view

Oblique view

High-Accuracy AOI Systems for 3D Inspection and Measurement

VisionGauge® High-Accuracy AOI Systems are fully-automated, full-color systems capable of high-accuracy measurements, automated defect detection, color verification, optical character recognition, and much more.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system

The systems feature high-precision, crossed-roller movements with 0.1 micron encoder feedback and micro-stepping motor controller capable of ultra-fine movements. All axes can be automated and are controlled using an external multi-axis, 3-speed joystick or on-screen joystick controls.

The built-in “Auto-Focus” provides fast, accurate, and repeatable re-focusing. With VisionGauge® OnLine’s intuitive ‘teach’ mode, it is easy to create part programs, then let the system perform automated measurements. Programs can be automatically loaded, saved, and read-in from disk so they are ready to operate as soon as the part is in place. VisionGauge® OnLine’s extensive set of measurement tools and “Auto-Scan” feature is perfect for applications requiring automatic defect detection.

An open-frame stage with a glass insert allows for both transmitted and reflected illumination. Half- and full-bridge configurations are also available – for example, if your application requires heavy loads and long travels. Standard configurations are available ‘off the shelf’ and non-standard configurations can also be easily accommodated:  We have a great deal of experience with customization and can configure a system to meet your specific requirements.

Small Automated Optical Inspection System (AOI System) for Analog Video

An small model AOI System with an analog camera

Download a pdf with more information about the VisionGauge® High-Accuracy (AOI) Automated Optical Inspection System.

All VisionGauge® Automated Optical Inspection systems are built around the powerful and easy-to-use VisionGauge® OnLine software:

Part Groups Interface in the VisionGauge OnLine software

Using the VisionGauge® OnLine software package, these systems have a simple and intuitive Windows™ interface and include a wide range of fully-integrated tools for imaging, automated optical inspection (AOI) and automated measurements, qualitative Pass/Fail inspection, pattern matching, optical character recognition and optical character verification (OCR & OCV), statistics, databasing, signal processing, reporting and much, much more!

These systems are very easy to program. Everything is done using the mouse & joystick, through VisionGauge’s® intuitive graphical user interface making it quick and easy to review results, view images of “pass” or “fail” parts, export data to Excel or any other application, activate built-in SPC (with graphs as well as numerical & pass/fail statistics), etc…

Advanced software tools include:

  • robust and accurate Auto-Focus,
  • wide range of advanced edge-detection based sub-pixel-accurate measurement tools,
  • automatic registration tools,
  • powerful, rotation independent pattern matching tools,
  • color verification tools,
  • “Counting & Sizing” (blob analysis) tools,
  • power zoom,
  • programmable computer-controlled illumination,
  • and more… the software is continuously being updated and improved with new features and inspection tools.

VisionGauge® AOI Systems are widely-applicable and include a vast range of analysis and measurement tools to allow you to successfully solve countless inspection and measurement machine vision applications.

View more information about applications the VisionGauge® Automated Optical Inspection systems have been used to solve in various industries. Also, learn about our powerful and adaptable VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators and how they can solve your application.

Optical Character Recognition & Verification Systems (OCR / OCV Systems)

Our VisionGauge® OnLine Optical Character Recognition Systems / Optical Character Verification Systems for industrial applications are able to automatically locate and read text. They can also verify that the text matches the expected character string, compute results statistics, export & exchange the results, produce reports, execute operations conditional on Pass/Fail results, etc…

Optical character recognition and verification system
"Customized" VisionGauge® OnLine OCR System, with integrated motion control and adapted optics & illumination

These Optical Character Recognition and Verification systems include adapted, low distortion optics and programmable, computer-controlled illumination, for maximum repeatability of results. They also include the entire VisionGauge® OnLine toolset. All of VisionGauge® OnLine’s image processing and analysis tools are thus available to automatically “cleanup” the image before carrying out the character recognition operation. This can dramatically improve results in the cases where there is contamination, background noise, difficult to read characters, etc…

VisionGauge® OnLine’s automated OCR / OCV tool is very robust in the presence of print defects and includes an advanced, proprietary “character splitting” algorithm to deal with print imperfections, smears, and other defects. VisionGauge® OnLine’s OCR / OCV tool is “user-trainable” and supports user-supplied character and symbol libraries.

Below you can view sample videos of a customized Optical Character Recognition / Optical Character Verification System. This is a motorized system that was adapted to process 272 parts at a time, on two trays. The system sits on a regular workbench.

Many different configurations of our VisionGauge® OnLine Optical Character Recognition / Optical Character Verification Systems are available. We can configure a system to meet your specific requirements! Contact us for more information.

View more information about applications our VisionGauge® visual inspection and machine vision systems have been used to solve in various industries. Our ground-breaking VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators also feature optical character recognition and verification software tools.

Wire/Cable Cross-Section, Connectors, and Wire Bond Inspection Applications

High-Resolution Cable Cross-Section Inspection and Measurement

VisionGauge® high-resolution cable cross-section inspection and measurement systems are designed to carry out high-accuracy automatic measurements of multi-strand cables. Measurements include:

Cable Measurement Systems

  • Insulator thickness over every outer strand
  • Minimum insulator thickness
  • Cable outer diameter
  • Inner diameter (i.e. best fit through the point of minimum insulator thickness on each outer strand)
  • ID / OD concentricity
  • Insulator area


All of these results are obtained within seconds by pressing a single button. Furthermore, the measurements are completely operator independent.

These cable measurement systems can accommodate cables with any number of strands. These systems also include X-Y-Theta positioning mechanisms for quick & easy part alignment.

The VisionGauge® software that runs these systems has a simple and intuitive interface. You can use it to quickly and easily compute statistics, plot graphs and charts, and send measurement data to other software and database applications across your network. All of the measurement tools and functionality of the Standard Edition of the VisionGauge® software package are supported.

These cable and wire measurement systems are very rugged and well designed. They can be used on either the production floor or in the quality-control area and they require virtually no maintenance. They use specialized long-working-distance telecentric optics to produce very crisp & clear high-resolution imagery with extremely low distortion.

Standard configurations can accommodate cables and wires up 1.7″ in diameter and produce measurements with a resolution of 0.0001″ (i.e. 2.5 um). Non-standard configurations are also available.

Insulator Thickness

ID, OD, Concentricity

Insulator Area

Wire Bond Measurement and Inspection

Wire Bond Inspection and Measurement Wire Bond Inspection and Measurement

Wire bonding is the most common method used for interconnection inside many integrated circuits and microchips. It is a delicate process that requires high accuracy. VisionGauge® Online Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI Systems) can reliably verify bond and wire presence in integrated circuit board wire bonding applications, inspect wire bond connections, and perform high-accuracy measurements on them.

Our AOI systems can be configured with auto-focus and high magnification optics, and they reliably provide measurements in micron range, making it a perfect system for microchip inspection or wire bond inspection. Additionally, our systems are fully capable of producing repeatable motions in three dimensions which allows you to measure objects that extend outside of the camera’s Field-of-View and position your parts accurately. VisionGauge® Online contains a versatile toolset for measuring loop height, wire length, and many other features.

These inspection systems are fully programmable with the aid of our easy-to-use VisionGauge® Online machine vision software. There are numerous features in the software to enhance and automate your inspection, and with our custom inspection systems you can be sure our product will work for your applications.

These highly customizable systems that can learn how to perform an inspection for you, control input and output signals, and create user-defined reports, the VisionGauge® Online Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI Systems) are an ideal solution for wire bond inspection and measurement.

Non-contact Metrology and Optical Measuring Systems

In addition to the VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator, VISIONx, Inc. has worked with companies across various industries to create other non-contact metrology, visual inspection, and optical measuring systems. These vision systems may include specialized configurations to meet specific requirements and solve challenging applications. Large-travel motorized systems for heavy parts, manual stages, multi-camera systems, turnkey systems, and more are available to meet our clients’ inspection and measurement requirements.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems
High-accuracy, high-speed AOI systems
High-accuracy, High-Speed AOI Systems
Cartesian Optical Measuring System
Cartesian Optical Measuring System (AOI System)
Wide Field-of-View Optical Measurement System
Wide Field-of-View Optical Measurement System

All VISIONx, Inc. systems come complete with the VisionGauge® or VisionGauge® OnLine software packages. These software are easy-to-use for operators and can be completely automated by running pre-programmed routines for particular parts. The software contains dozens of powerful tools and features required in optical measuring systems:  Simple or complex measurements, image processing, motorized stage control, illumination control, sub-pixel edge detection, blob analysis (Counting and Sizing), pattern matching and registration, color analysis, optical character recognition and optical character verification (OCR/OCV), image overlays and comparison to tolerances, reporting and DDE transfer of results, support for digital I/O’s, and many other features are available.

The ‘legacy version’ of our site contains information about the various non-contact metrology, inspection, and optical measuring systems we have provided since our beginnings.

More information about our VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators can be found on our main site, and you can learn about how VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators compare to traditional optical comparators and profile projectors in our article “What is an Optical Comparator “.

Optical Character Recognition & Verification Systems (OCR / OCV Systems)

Optical character recognition and verification system

VisionGauge® OnLine Optical Character Recognition Systems / Optical Character Verification Systems for industrial applications are designed to automatically locate, read, and verify text.

High-Accuracy, High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI Systems)

High-accuracy, high-speed AOI systems

VisionGauge® Online High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection Systems deliver high-throughput and high-resolution inspection for applications, including automated defect detection and high-accuracy measurement.

High-Accuracy AOI Systems (Automated Optical Inspection Systems)

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system

VisionGauge® High-Accuracy AOI Systems are fully-automated, full-color 3D imaging and inspection systems capable of high-accuracy measurements with customizable optics and stage configurations.

Cartesian Measurement and Vision Inspection Systems

Programmable vision systems for fast motion, accurate positioning, and long travel - available with open or closed-frame configurations

Wide Field-of-View, High-Resolution Inspection and Measurement Systems

High-resolution, wide field-of-view measurement and inspection systems with specialized long working distance, telecentric optics for extremely low-distortion, crisp imagery.

High-Accuracy Automated Cable Cross-Section Measurement Systems for the Cable & Wire Industry

High-resolution cable cross-section inspection systems are designed to carry out high-accuracy automatic measurements of multi-strand cables with VisionGauge® OnLine.

Multi-Camera Vision Systems / Multi-View Vision System

VisionGauge® Online multi-camera vision systems execute inspection programs that can switch quickly between cameras and process numerous images on-the-fly

Laser Profiling Systems

VisionGauge® OnLine LASER profiling systems are capable of fast and accurate, fully automated thickness measurements.

VisionGauge® / Smart Camera System bundles

VisionGauge® Smart Camera Bundles are complete, all-in-one solutions for both imaging and machine vision applications perfectly suited to a wide range of quality control and inspection applications

High Accuracy VisionGauge® 3D Measurement Systems

3D automated stage-based measurement systems with VisionGauge®'s built-in auto-focus, sub-pixel edge-detection, and a wide range of image analysis and measurement tools.

Portable / Remote Visual Inspection Systems

Laptop-based, mobile visual inspection and video capture systems with VisionGauge® or VisionGauge® OnLine software.