Cartesian Measurement and Vision Inspection Systems

VisionGauge Cartesian Measurement and Inspection Systems are designed for fast and accurate positioning followed by vision inspection and high-accuracy field-of-view measurements.

These systems feature fully programmable 3D motion for fast and repeatable motion over long distances, making them ideal for dynamic inspection applications with high duty-cycles. Our Cartesian Inspection systems are used in a wide range of industrial production and quality control applications. They are also appropriate for part scanning, using VisionGauge's® "scan mode" over a user-defined area.

Full-Gantry high-power VisionGauge cartesian system

Our VisionGauge Cartesian Measurement and Vision Inspection Systems are built around the powerful and easy-to-use VisionGauge® machine vision software package, which means that they have a simple and intuitive interface and include a wide range of fully-integrated tools for imaging, image analysis, statistics, databasing, reporting, and much, much more!

The Cartesian measurement system can be controlled manually through an external (3-axis, 3-speed) joystick, as well as through the "on-screen" joystick. Automated inspection is also easy to program with "step-and-repeat" operation using VisionGauge's® intuitive "teach mode". These automated programs can be saved to disk and reloaded by operators on-demand for fast execution.

These systems are offered in both half-gantry and full gantry configurations: Half-gantry (i.e. "bridge") configurations reduce space requirements, while full gantry configurations are recommended for ultra-long travels and heavy samples. Both open and closed-frame configurations are available, in addition to multiple mounting and support configurations for your part.

Open-frame, half-gantry cartesian measurement system

High-resolution zoom optics are available in both manual and motorized (i.e. "power zoom") configurations. Other "custom" optical configurations are also available. These systems benefit from a variety of programmable computer-controlled illumination options for repeatable lighting and consistent measurement results. Our application experts can customize and configure our vision inspection systems to meet your specific requirements.

Read more about various applications where our VisionGauge® visual inspection and machine vision systems are being used, and learn about how our  VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators can solve your application.

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