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VisionGauge and VisionGauge Online Application Newsletter

Vol. 10 - September 2008

What can VisionGauge® products do for you?
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VisionGauge Multi-Camera Vision Systems

Multi-Camera Vision Systems

VISIONx INC. has developed a multi-camera vision system. These systems are perfect for applications requiring different views of a part or inspection of multiple lanes. VisionGauge® OnLine allows the user to create inspection programs that can switch quickly between cameras and process numerous images on-the-fly.

These vision systems are able to be configured with multiple high-resolution digital cameras and repeatable illumination with several light sources controlled by the software.

Our multi-camera vision systems can fit directly into a process line or are available as a stand-alone system.

Find out more on our multi-camera vision systems.

VisionGauge - Hight accurate weld measurement systems

Highly Accurate Weld Measurement Systems

VISIONx INC. has recently developed a system to measure welds for quality control inspections. This is possible thanks to the specific weld measurement capabilities in our VisionGauge® machine vision software. The software is capable of measuring generic welds, concave isosceles 45 welds, and convex toe - toe welds.

After the measurements were taken, this information was used to create reports and trigger signals, all of which are tasks handled wiht ease by VisionGauge®.

View more information on our weld measurment systems.

Wire Bond Inspection and Measurements

VisionGauge OnLine - Wire bond inspection and measurements

VISIONx INC. applied the high accuracy of our Automated Visual Inspection (AOI) Systems to perform micron accurate wire bond inspection and measurements. These systems required measuring loop height, wire length, and other features. VisionGauge® Online has the ability to control three dimensional movements and has automatic focus among many other features.

In addition, the full power of VisionGauge® Online is included with every system. This means that new programs can be created for different parts or different types of inspections. The system includs options for various levels of magnification, direct and reflective lighting as well as a joystick to move the system manually.

Find out more on our wire bond inspection and measurements.

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