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VisionGauge and VisionGauge Online Application Newsletter

Vol. 3 - October 2004

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Automated Measurements in an Off-line Sampling of Injection Molded Parts

Automated measurements in medical device inspectionVisionGauge Online was recently used to solve an application in medical device inspection. The application involved taking a number of different automated measurements in an off-line sampling of injection molded parts. Because the part-to-part position & orientation is variable, VisionGauge Online first aligns - or "squares up" - the part with a master image. Then numerous measurements are automatically performed on the aligned image using VisionGauge Online's versatile measurement toolset. All of the measurements are compared to individual tolerances to determine if the part is within specifications. Results of the measurements are also collected and analyzed in VisionGauge Online's Data Groups. Additionally, Data Group values are easily transferred to Microsoft Excel through Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).



Optical Character Inspection in the Electronic Device Manufacturing Industry

Optical Character Insepction (OCR) in the Electronic Device Manufacturing Industry

VisionGauge OnLine is used for quick & robust optical character inspection in the electronic device manufacturing industry. VisionGauge OnLine is able to reliably capture, in fractions of a second, part number information on electronic devices as they flow through the manufacturing process. This helps track products through the manufacturing process and is an important step to ensure high quality of the final product.

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