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VisionGauge and VisionGauge Online Application Newsletter

Vol. 8 - February 2006

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In-Process Automatic Measurement and Tracking of Seams on Bellows

Automatic In-Process Tracking and Measurements

VisionGauge OnLine is being used for in-process automatic measurements of bellows as they are being LASER welded. VisionGauge OnLine measures the position of the seams as the bellows rotate and transmits these measurements to the bellows welding machine via a standard RS-232 COM port. This way, the welding head on the machine can track the seam accurately and ensure a high quality finished product.

Automated Defect Detection and Scanning Across 18" X 18" Envelope with Automated Optical Inspection Systems

Automated Scanning and Defect Detection with VISIONx's AOI System

The Motorized Stage Configuration of VisionGauge OnLine is at the heart of our Automated Optical Inspection systems that can be used for automated defect detection and automated measurements. Standard configurations have a travel of up to 18" X 18" and an encoder resolution of 0.1 microns.  Various optical and illumination configurations are available depending on the requirements of each specific application.

Among other things, VisionGauge OnLine Automated Optical Inspection systems are capable of high accuracy scan operations to carry out 100% automated inspection and defect detection over large areas.

View our Automated Optical Inspection Systems and our High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection Systems.

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