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VisionGauge and VisionGauge Online Application Newsletter

Vol. 5 - February 2005

What can VisionGauge® products do for you?
Read examples of applications that VisionGauge® machine vision products have successfully solved!

Single Camera System, Multiple Tool Execution

Single camera, multiple tool execution

VisionGauge® OnLine was recently applied to successfully solve a high-speed syringe manufacturing application. A VisionGauge® OnLine single camera system is able to verify that graduations are present, accurate and properly labeled, that the plunger is properly inserted and that there are no burrs on the coupling where the needle is to be placed.

When a bad part is detected, VisionGauge® OnLine automatically sends a signal to remove it and running statistics, indicating the number of bad parts per hour, are automatically updated.

In-Process Inspection of Polymer-Based Material

VisionGauge® OnLine was employed to carry out an in-process inspection of polymer-based materials (i.e. clear film) used for security applications (i.e. ID cards, travel documents, etc…).  A 25" wide film, running at 200 feet per minute, was inspected with a resolution better than 0.015", at 100% coverage.  This was accomplished using a single camera VisionGauge® OnLine system which inspected the material to detect holes, scratches, nicks, discolorations, etc…

High Resolution Image Comparison - Digital Optical Comparators

Image and Cad file part comparison - digital video comparator

VisionGauge® was recently used as a digital optical comparator (also known as a Digital Video Comparator or a Digital Profile Projector) to capture high resolution images of small flexible parts and compare them with their mathematical description (stored in a dxf-format CAD file). Click to find out more about these Digital Optical Comparator Systems (PATENT PENDING).

VisionGauge® was also used to carry out various measurements, collect data, compute statistics, create reports, etc...

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