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VisionGauge and VisionGauge Online Application Newsletter

Vol. 2 - August 2004

What can VisionGauge products do for you?
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Laser Triangulation Systems to Measure Automotive Sealant Bead Height & Width

Laser Triangulation System to measure Automotive Sealent Beads

VISIONx developed a laser triangulation system to measure the width & height of a sealant bead used in the automotive industry to affix windshields in cars. These laser triangulation systems include a high-resolution camera as well as a LASER oriented at 45 degrees relative to the camera’s optical centerline. The LASER projects a very thin and straight line at the point of measurement.  By measuring the LASER line’s offset across the camera’s field-of-view, the system can automatically measure, very accurately, the height of the sealant.

Note:  The laser measurements are being carried out as the sealant bead is still un-cured, and thus "gelatinous".  Only over time will it become solid.

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High-Speed Measurements of Machined Mechanical Components

High-speed measurements of machined mechanical components

VisionGauge OnLine is being used to carry out different types of measurements on various machined mechanical components.  These high-speed measurements are either carried out in-process, in which case 100% of the production is typically checked; or off-line, in which case only a sampling of parts is periodically tested.

Note that in addition to carrying out various types of general measurements, VisionGauge OnLine can also be used to ensure that no burrs and other similar defects are present.

As production changes, VisionGauge OnLine can easily be re-programmed to accommodate new part geometries.  Part programs can be saved to disk and read back in later on. There are no limits on the number of parts that VisionGauge OnLine can support.

In-Process Component Placement and Epoxy Underfill Verification

In-process component placement verification

VisionGauge OnLine can easily be configured to carry out in-process component placement verification (i.e. verify presence, position and orientation) in the semiconductor industry.  Furthermore, VisionGauge OnLine can also verify the presence of epoxy underfill, used to bond the chip to the substrate.  Such a system can easily deal with throughputs of many hundreds of parts per minute.


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