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VisionGauge and VisionGauge Online Application Newsletter

Vol. 4 - December 2004

What can VisionGauge® products do for you?
Read examples of applications that VisionGauge® machine vision products have successfully solved!

Real-Time Automatic Measurements of Injection Molded Plastic Parts

Real-time Inspections of Injection molded plastic parts

VisionGauge® OnLine can quickly and accurately measure critical dimensions of injection molded plastic parts. All of the automatic measurements carried out are in real-time, as the parts are being manufactured. Each measurement is also automatically collected and statistics, including rejection rates, are computed automatically. Furthermore, VisionGauge® OnLine also stores images of 100% of the rejected parts. The images can then be inspected to try to see how trends in the process are developing.

Automated Inspection and Verification With Feature Based Pattern Matching

Plastic bottle verification tests

VisionGauge® Online recently solved an application in the packaging industry. The application involved the automated inspection and verification of plastic bottles that are moving one by one past the camera. VisionGauge® Online's Smart Capture tool is used to grab an image when a bottle is in position in front of the camera. Then, pass/fail tests are quickly and automatically executed to determine whether the bottle cap spout is open or closed and the cap is unscrewed or not. VisionGauge® Online's Feature Based Pattern Matching software tool is also used to determine the presence and position of the label. On a Fail result, VisionGauge® Online outputs signals that can be used to reject the bottle.

Automatic Defect Detection with Multi-Camera Inspection Systems / Turnkey Vision Systems

VisionGauge® Online recently created a multi-camera inspection system to solve an automatic defect detection and archival application for a manufacturer of plated metal strips. This is one of our custom-built turnkey vision systems that fits directly into the manufacturer's production line and uses a dual-camera approach to analyze the top and bottom of the metal strip, simultaneously, for scratches and other defects. The software controls repeatable illumination and serial port camera controls settings to produce an image without motion blur and where even the slightest defects truly stand-out. VisionGauge® Online's automated Counting and Sizing tool is flexible in letting the user determine the threshold values that define defects on the material. Once the program determines if defects are present on the material surface, the software uses programmable Boolean logic to decide whether or not to store the image to disk. Saved images are date/time-stamped at a user-definable compression level.

Dual camera inspection using Counting and Sizing image analysisdefect detection using VISIONx's Counting and Sizing tools

VisionGauge® OnLine's Counting and Sizing Tool locates the defects (of any geometry) on the metal strip and archives the image.

System housing fits directly into the manufacturer's production line Dual camera processing inspection system

The system housing fits directly
into the manufacturer's production line.

Metal strips are fed through the inspection area
where dual cameras capture computer controlled
illuminated images of the strip for processing.

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