VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators / Profile Projectors (also known as Shadowgraphs or Video Comparators)

VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators / Profile Projectors are the fastest, easiest, most accurate way to compare a part to a CAD file.

Optical inspection sets the standard for part verification in major manufacturing industries in today's high-tech world. We assist leaders in all types of businesses by offering custom automated optical comparators. With the kind of speed, agility, and reliability our systems offer, you’ll be able to compare parts directly to their CAD data and complete inspections and measurements with ease.

What Is a Digital Optical Comparator/Profile Projector?

An optical comparator or profile projector is a comparator that uses optics to test products for defects and a lack of conformity. The digital optical comparator machine handles this process electronically, which saves time and can remove the need to gather data manually.

Our VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators capture images of manufactured parts and automatically compares them to their CAD drawings, which means you can reliably confirm a part is within spec or catch production flaws before they go out the door. These systems provide stunning accuracy, necessary in high-demand industries like medical manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. View our Applications page to learn about the various applications of our digital profile projectors.

Auto Pass/Fail results using CAD entity segments on a VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator

How Do Profile Projectors Benefit Businesses?

VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators measure product consistency by comparing parts directly to their CAD file. This process is a quick, highly-accurate way to check for defects and verify all components conform to quality standards.

Digital profile projectors are precise and intuitive, delivering high-quality results in less time than traditional optical comparators. These machines are easy to use, and because they can be fully automated, they operate swiftly and reliably. They also offer a convenient way to streamline inspections, so you can speed up operations, increase throughput, and eliminate operator error.

VISIONx's digital profile projectors offer reports, charts, statistics, and more. In addition to being fully digital, they glean data straight from CAD drawings, saving time by making inspections simpler and easier to run. VISIONx's update to traditional optical comparators will capture, qualify, and report comparison data at the click of a button. Additional benefits of our systems include:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Higher throughput with automation
  • Uses existing CAD data - No more mylars, overlays, charts, or templates!
  • Complete electronic documentation and versatile automated reporting options
  • Fully digital
  • Smaller footprint
  • Use of our proprietary CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™, CAD Auto-Align™ and Tooth Checker™ tools
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Fully automated
  • Groundbreaking technology
  • Operator-independent results


For more information about how VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators work and how they improve upon traditional optical comparators, please see our post titled "What is an Optical Comparator".

We have multiple digital profile projectors for sale. Our VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators use the latest technology to deliver high-quality images, capture reliable data, and help you maintain effective quality control policies.

300 Series

If you engineer smaller parts for electronics or similar products, we can help you increase productivity by offering the 300 Series Field-of-View Systems. These digital optical comparators use our measurement toolset and proprietary tools such as CAD Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto Pass/Fail™ to inspect high-resolution images of your parts. These easy-to-use systems allow you to see discrepancies and perform measurements down to the smallest details.

Our 300 Series system delivers powerful, quality image analysis and high-accuracy measurements in a small desktop package, giving you an advantage when you’re working with parts that are harder to analyze. The system is easy to learn and operate, and you'll be up and running on "day one".

400 Series

The 400 Series VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator with manual stage motion

The 400 Series Desktop Inspection and Measurement System is a compact digital optical comparator that offers incredible accuracy and reliable measurements. Like the 300 Series, it uses proprietary technology such as the CAD Auto-Align™, CAD Auto Pass/Fail™ and Tooth Checker™ tools to provide high-quality inspection and image comparisons.

Complete with LED illumination, 3-axis manual stage motion, and multiple configuration options, this solution speeds up the review of small parts, which will allow you to improve efficiency and reduce costly operator mistakes. Despite its small size, the 400 Series is a powerful, durable, and dependable optical solution.

500 Series

You can count on this automated inspection solution to handle higher product volumes. The 500 Series Digital Optical Comparator earns its name by setting the standard for optical quality control equipment everywhere. Thanks to its high efficiency, user-friendly design, and precision optics, this machine can handle almost any type of demand.

The 500 Series is the most powerful digital optical comparator on the market, and it's effective for small and large parts alike. It delivers automated measurements and CAD comparison results with versatile reporting options. In addition, our CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™, tool automatically determines whether the component under examination is ready to enter the market.

Super-Extended Travel 500 Series Digital Optical Comparator

The Super-Extended-Travel configuration of the 500 Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator is specially designed for reliable, high-accuracy performance with large and heavy parts. The system has 60" of travel and support loads of up to 300 lbs, allowing you to track and compare a part to its CAD file beyond the optical field-of-view.

700 Series

700-series Digital Optical Comparator - 5-axis inspection and measurement system

Our 700 Series 5-Axis Inspection and Measurement System offers the ultimate solution for work with more intricate electronic or mechanical parts. Capable of capturing images on five axes, including X, Y, Z, Rotary and Tilt, the 700 Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator can view every angle of your product in crystal clear resolution.

Like our other products, this machine allows you to view full data reports, graphs, charts, and statistics based on accurate CAD/DXF file comparisons, part feature locations, and measurements. It’s easy to operate the 700 Series thanks to its fully automated design and intuitive software. The system is optimal for complex applications in the aviation, aerospace, and power industries.

Standalone System

If you are looking for an inspection system ready to integrate into your existing process that can take on your most complicated automation applications, you may benefit from the VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection & Measurement System. This digital optical comparator solution is designed to deliver high-quality inspection results and highly accurate measurements. The Standalone System's flexibility allows you to configure it in a variety of orientations.

The Standalone System comes with its own control cabinet and a user-friendly interface, so you can navigate its features with ease. It can also fit into any existing automated cell, making it a versatile all-purpose option for manufacturers and engineers who inspect product parts.

Disk Inspection System

The VisionGauge® Disk Inspection and Measurement System is the ideal solution for companies that manufacture and inspect turbine disks. Whether you’re working with large or small disks, this fully automated machine can help you measure and verify product features at a faster rate.

In an industry where safety is a necessity, it’s essential to implement a testing strategy that’s both efficient and reliable. Our VisionGauge® Disk Inspection System has five axes of motion, enabling it to view disk slots from all angles. Like our other solutions, this equipment comes with our powerful, easy-to-use software, LED computer-controlled illumination, and advanced measuring tools. Our resources will allow you to confidently detect flaws and turn out higher-quality turbine disks.

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Our VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators are designed to speed up your measurement and verification operations and help you establish a more effective, accurate inspection process for your business. If you're looking for a system that meets specific job requirements, you'll find that we also offer customized solutions and multiple configuration options.

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