500 Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator Training – September 26th-27th, 2017

500 Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator Training Class
September 26th & 27th, 2017
(9 am to 4 pm on both days)


500-series VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator training

A VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator 500 Series training class will be held at VISIONx’s facility (Pointe-Claire, Canada) September 26th & 27th, 2017.

The class will start with a short refresher of VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator basics and will quickly move on to a review of the latest software enhancements and then onto more advanced topics, including automated programs.

This is a very hands-on class and – as always – we are very happy to look into the specific challenges of your real-world applications with you.

The training will be in English. There is no charge for current VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator users and lunch is provided on both days. Participants are responsible for their own travel, lodging and other expenses.

Email [email protected] to sign up, or if you have questions, want for information about nearby hotels, assistance with travel arrangements, etc…
Sign-up closes on September 8th at 5 pm (Eastern Time zone).

New Min/Max Tool for Automatic Part Alignment – Application Note

The VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator’s new “Min/Max” software tool is the perfect solution for automatically aligning a part using a rotary stage. The tool can be setup to rotate the part and find the position that either minimizes or maximizes a dimension.

Common examples include the following:

Rotary stage and workholding for turnkey runout measurement application.
Rotary stage and workholding for turnkey runout measurement application.
In this case, the Min/Max tool is used to align the flats on the part perfectly horizontally, completely automatically


Automatic alignment of a turbine blade fir tree
Automatic alignment of a turbine blade fir tree


With this new Min/Max tool, it’s extremely easy to setup an automated routine for the alignment of any kind of part. Also, results are extremely repeatable. This advanced tool uses high-order interpolation for very accurate subsampling. This means that the position of best alignment can be found very accurately, at any orientation (not just at the sampled orientations).

This new tool is completely integrated with all of the VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator’s other tools so that all of its results can easily be recoded, transmitted, databased, sent to Excel™ or any other data capture application, put in a report, etc…

This new Min/Max tool further increases the wide range of applications that can easily and reliably be solved using the VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator.

Click to view this application note as a downloadable .pdf.