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Stent Inspection - Non-Contact Measurement

VisionGauge systems can reliably perform critical stent inspection.

Stents are tiny, precision-engineered components that are placed inside the human body. They are designed to withstand considerable mechanical and biological forces to prevent their failure while inside the body. With our VisionGaugeŽ OnLine machine vision and inspection systems, you can perform high-accuracy stent inspection and non-contact measurement. Our systems produce excellent results in high magnification conditions, can be fully automated, and have a resolution of 0.1 microns.

VisionGauge machine vision systems reliably measure and inspect stents and other medical devices.In the medical industry every stent is inspected individually. This can be a hard task to perform, especially if the operator is in the uncomfortable position of working solely with a microscope. All visual inspections provided by our machine vision systems are done from a computer screen. Furthermore, our easy-to-use software can be fully programmed so no human intervention is needed for the inspection. You can automatically perform many dimensional measurements such as length, inner, and outer radius.

Our non-contact measurement and inspection systems can be customized to meet your needs with features such as:

  • High-precision crossed-roller movement with 0.1-micron encoder feedback

  • Interchangeable levels of magnification

  • Computer controlled illumination, direct or reflected

  • Computer controlled movement in 3-D

  • Computer controlled motorized zoom and focus

  • Vibration isolation

VisionGaugeŽ OnLine contains color verification and pattern matching algorithms that can identify defective stents. When a defect or flaw is detected, a signal can be sent to stop the inspection, a picture can be taken and put into a report, and statistics and graphs can be created; there are many possibilities. Contact us to learn more about how VisionGaugeŽ can help you easily complete your stent inspection.

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