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Printed Circuit Board Inspection and PCB Measurements

Inspection and measurement of PCB features.

In the intricate task of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing, reliable inspection and measurement of different connections, vias and clearances is paramount during and after production. Our VisionGaugeŽ OnLine machine vision software contains highly accurate measurement tools that are perfect for any PCB related application. With resolutions up to 0.1 micron (um), the measurement tools provide high accuracy results every time.

These tools allow you to perform numerous types of measurements, including:

  • Point-to-Point Distance

  • Horizontal Distance

  • Vertical Distance

  • Trace Width (arbitrary orientation)

  • Point-Based Radius or Diameter

  • Angle (4-point)

  • Marker-to-Marker measurements, including fixed positions, intersection of two lines, center of circle, light-to-dark and dark-to-light edges, measurements between datums, etc...

Printed Circuit board inspection and measurement

You can also perform counting and size operations; this can be useful in via inspection to determine, with one mouse click, the number of vias in a layer or to calculate with micron precision the area of a copper connection.

VisionGaugeŽ OnLine is so accurate that measurements can be also performed on the cross section of the board. This is especially useful when checking the length of buried vias and thru vias.

The data obtained from these measurements can be exported, transferred, or placed into reports. Whatever your PCB measurement needs, VisionGaugeŽ software and systems are right for you.

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