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Electronic Assembly Verification

After schematics have been set and printed circuit boards (PCBs) have been produced, comes the final part of electronic manufacturing: assembly.

Our VisionGaugeŽ OnLine machine vision systems can help you perform the electronic assembly verification or PCB assembly inspection of your product after it has been finished. Whether you have used surface mount, though-hole (thru-hole) or other technology, our software will help you accurately inspect every part of your assembled electronic device.

Our visual inspection systems include the advanced VisionGaugeŽ OnLine toolset. All of VisionGaugeŽ OnLine's image processing and analysis tools are thus available to automatically process the image before carrying out the assembly inspection.

There are numerous software tools employed by VisionGaugeŽ OnLine to help facilitate your inspection, including:

  • Optical Character Recognition & Verification (OCR / OCV) for serial numbers

  • Blob Analysis for solder height detection

  • Color Verification for devices and connections

  • Presence / Absence Detection of components

  • and many others...

With our visual inspection software you will be able to accurately check every soldered tip in high magnification and high accuracy in three dimensions. You can also utilize VisionGaugeŽ OnLine's OCR capabilities for serial number verification or model number recognition on your components. Or even use the color verification on ceramic resistors. There are many possibilities of what you can accomplish with VisionGaugeŽ OnLine.

All the data obtained from inspection can be exported, exchanged, or put into a report. No matter what your application is, we can create VisionGaugeŽ OnLine custom visual inspection systems with that are right for you.

VisionGauge software is capable of carrying out electronic
assembly verification

Presence / Absence Detection of

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