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Automotive Component Verification

VisionGauge is able to perform Hardness Testing

The industry of automotive components manufacturing requires high precision component verification in order to meet strict quality standards. Our VisionGauge® machine vision software solutions can perform automotive component verification using technologies such as a digital optical comparator systems and hardness testing.

VisionGauge's Digital Optical Comparator

  • Digital Optical Comparator: This tool lets you display a CAD file on top of the actual video feed. The software will automatically size and compare the image with the overlay. Our digital optical comparators can be integrated into systems with a wide field of view, low distortion lens, computer controlled illumination and a high resolution digital camera; all this powered by our easy to use VisionGauge® Online software. View more information on our digital optical comparator systems.

  • Hardness Testing: VisionGauge® automatically determines the hardness of materials by measuring characteristic dimensions on indentations made by standard hardness testing machines. VisionGauge® supports Brinell, Knoop, Rockwell, and Vickers tests.VisionGauge® carries out all hardness measurements in accordance with the latest revision of the relevant ASTM Standards. Find out more about our hardness testing tool.

Digital optical comparator and hardness testing are just two of the many features included in our VisionGauge® machine software solutions. Some of VisionGauge® Online's other tools include automated measurement, defect detection, presence / absence detection, color verification, 3D laser profiling, optical character recognition/verification and assembly verification. For information on our VisionGauge® specifications to help you achieve the best results on your automotive component verification, please contact us.

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