VisionGauge® OnLine version 14.74 is available for download

VisionGauge® OnLine version 14.74, dated June 30th, 2021, is available for download.

New features and enhancements have been added:

We have added the ability to define a maximum velocity for each axis in a motorized system. This feature will most often be used by our technicians on systems that risk noise or damage to an axis at higher speeds.

We’ve included a “Control-R” hotkey, to trigger the “Overlay Translation / Rotation” window’s “Output” button. You will also find in the “Overlay Translation / Rotation” window’s Settings an option to trigger an audible confirmation when results are output.

We have included the ability to save additional data with each result that is added to a Data Group, including the current Settings Toolbox button, the current illumination settings, the current Coordinate System, and the currently loaded overlay with offsets at the time the result enters the Data Group.

Each of these options is able to be configured for an individual Data Group in its “Options” menu:

These options will be actively restored when double-clicking an entry in the Data Group and traveling to the stage position where the result was collected. This may be particularly useful for Operator Review, when manually inspecting the conditions of a “Fail” result after running an automated program.

This update also corrects the DXF Overlay Toolbox’s behavior when removing an item from a full toolbox. The last object in the toolbox will appear empty, instead of duplicating the last value.

We’ve enhanced the Program Toolbox’s Align tool so that it can carry out image rotation & translation alignment without re-scaling the image. In this case, make sure the following box is unchecked:

We’ve added a new “Image Buffer” tool in the Program Toolbox. This is a fast way to recall & reuse previously-captured images.