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Wire Bond Measurement and Inspection

Wire Bond Inspection and Measurement Wire Bond Inspection and Measurement

Wire bonding is the most common method used for interconnection inside many integrated circuits and microchips. It is a delicate process that requires high accuracy. VisionGaugeŽ Online Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI Systems) can inspect wire bond connections and perform high-accuracy measurements on them.

Our AOI systems can be configured with high magnification optics and reliably provide measurements in micron range, making it a perfect system for microchip inspection or wire bond inspection. Additionally, our systems are fully capable of producing repeatable motions in three dimensions which allows you to measure objects that extend outside of the camera's Field-of-View and position your parts accurately.

These inspection systems are fully programmable with the aid of our easy-to-use VisionGaugeŽ Online machine vision software. There are numerous features in the software to facilitate your inspection, and with our custom inspection systems you can be sure our product will work for your applications.

With highly customizable systems that can learn how to perform an inspection for you, control input and output signals, and create user-defined reports, the VisionGaugeŽ Online Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI Systems) are an ideal solution for wire bond inspection and measurement.

Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI Systems)

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