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Packaging Verification and Packaging Inspection Systems

Packaging verification and inspection

In the product manufacturing and packaging industry, quality assurance is a major factor to be considered. Our VisionGaugeŽ Online machine vision systems are capable of automatically verifying many aspects of an inspection, from the presence or absence of an object to label placement on a bottle. Our packaging verification systems can make your QA inspection process a much simpler one.

Our powerful and easy-to-use VisionGaugeŽ Online machine vision software can be easily programmed to perform the inspection without human supervision. Whether you want the system to be installed on the production line or on an inspection stage, our visual inspection systems are highly adaptable and can work for you.

Our VisionGaugeŽ Online software contains a complete set of machine vision and automation tools, including:

  • Optical character recognition (OCR)

  • Counting and Sizing tools (Blob Analysis)

  • Barcode reading capabilities

  • Presence / Absence detection

  • Error or flaw detection

  • Color verification

  • and many others...

This means that you can check the type and position of a label (Label Verification), automatically measure the size of a package, read and record data of a barcode, check that all packaged contents are present, and create reports or send a signal based on your results. There are many ways in which our machine vision systems and software can adapt to your needs.

Object countingwith Visiongauge OnLine Bottlecap seal verification

For example, the above image demonstrates how VisionGaugeŽ OnLine counts the buttons on a calculator prior to packaging; if one button was missing, or it was of a different color, our software would be able to detect the discrepancies and react according to how the user programs the system. The next image shows how the software can detect broken seals on bottles. On detecting a broken seal, VisionGaugeŽ OnLine is capable of sending a signal to stop the production line or can simply record the number of broken seals found.

Whether you need an optical verification station or need us to integrate a system into your production line we can customize our packaging inspection systems for you.

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