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Medical Device Assembly Verification / Measurement

In the medical industry, accurate assembly of medical components is an important issue. Our VisionGauge® OnLine systems can help you perform verification on your products during production or post-production.

Our visual inspection systems include the advanced VisionGauge® toolset. All of VisionGauge's® image processing and analysis tools are thus available to automatically process the image before carrying out the inspection.

There are many tools embedded with VisionGauge® OnLine to help facilitate medical device measurement and inspection including:

  • Automated measurement tools

  • Optical character recognition (OCR)

  • Counting and sizing tools

  • Barcode reading capabilities

  • Presence / absence detection

  • Error or flaw detection

  • Color verification

  • Signal handling

  • and many more...

Our powerful and easy to use software and systems can be programmed to perform assembly verification at different points of the manufacturing process. They can be customized to fit into your production line or as a stand-alone verification station. Furthermore, the entire verification process can be automated so little or no human interaction is necessary.

All data obtained from the inspection can be exported, transferred or put into a report. Signals can also be sent depending on the results of the inspection based on the tolerances you specify. Whatever your application we can create a customize VisionGauge® OnLine visual inspection system that is right for you. For further information please contact us.

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