High Accuracy VisionGauge® 3D Measurement Systems

VisionGauge® 3D Automated Measurement Systems with built-in auto-focus and edge-detection are perfect for industrial production, quality control, and laboratory applications.

VisionGauge®‘s advanced edge-detection technology produces sub-pixel accurate measurements, increases measurement repeatability, and virtually eliminates operator-dependent measurement error.

Standard configurations are available “off the shelf” and non-standard configurations can also easily be accommodated. We can configure a system to meet your specific requirements.

These systems are built around the powerful and easy-to-use VisionGauge® or VisionGauge® OnLine software package, which means that they have a simple and intuitive Windows interface and include a wide range of fully-integrated tools for imaging, measurements, statistics, databasing, reporting, and much, much more!

VisionGauge® systems include a wide range of image analysis and measurement tools to allow you to successfully solve a vast range of applications. VisionGauge®‘s powerful stage-based vision inspection tools include counting and sizing (blob analysis), registration and alignment, high-accuracy positioning and measurement, pattern matching, illumination control, auto-focus, step and repeat part scanning, and many others.

3D Inspection Power Zoom Inspection System

Configuration with power zoom optics.

Systems adapted with microscope optics

Also available with microscope-type optics

VisionGauge® 3D Measurement System Features:

  • Open-frame stage with glass insert allows for both transmitted and reflected illumination.
  • High-precision crossed-roller movements with built-in limit switches.
  • Encoder feedback is available with resolutions as fine as 2um, 1um, 0.5um, 0.25um and 0.1um.
  • Stage lengths can be customized to fit part requirements, including extended travel.
  • Micro-stepping motor controller is capable of ultra-fine movements.
  • All axes can be controlled using either the external (3-axis, 3-speed) joystick or VisionGauge’s® on-screen arrows. With VisionGauge’s® intuitive “teach” mode, it is easy to create part programs. Programs can be saved to and retrieved from disk.
  • Manual configurations are also available.
  • Available with programmable computer-controlled illumination.
  • Available with zoom optics, either manual or motorized, or high-power microscope optics.

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