pattern matching tools – sample

pattern matching tools - sample

example images of VisionGauge’s pattern matching tools identifying a feature in various orientations and with partial occlusion.

Screw pattern matching pattern

Screw pattern matching pattern

The pattern matching pattern provides the template against which pattern matching searches are compared. This should be the ideal part/feature for the application under the ideal circumstances (illumination, placement, etc.)

Pattern matching tools

Pattern matching tools examples

VisionGauge®’s powerful pattern matching tools are adapted to solve a wide range of applications to identify and accurately locate objects in images and features on objects. These robust pattern matching tools are adapted for arbitrary objects & features in any orientation, can handle partial occlusion and hold up to partial deformation, and deal well with variations in illumination and noise.

Edge Breaks – Rounded edges

Edge Breaks - Rounded edges

VisionGauge OnLine can handle locating the edge break of rounded edges completely automatically with high-accuracy.

sharp edge – edge breaks

sharp edge - edge breaks

VisionGauge OnLine’s Edge Breaks tool is capable of automatically locating edge breaks on sharp edges.

Automated edge break measurements – 2

Automated edge break measurements

VisionGauge OnLine’s Edge Breaks tools filters out spurious noise for a best-fit line and has user-selectable parameters – for example to allow a certain variation in distance (Delta) from the calculated line before selecting the edge break.

Automated edge break measurements – 1

Automated edge break measurements - 1

VisionGauge OnLine’s Automated Edge Breaks tool includes parameters to filter out noise and a tolerance for allowed distance from the calculated line. There are no limitations to the line angle at which lines meet. Results are completely operator-independent.

VisionGauge® Counting and Sizing

VisionGauge® Counting and Sizing

You can also specify an ROI so only a target area of the image is considered. The image can be analyzed in various color channels: Luminance, Hue, Saturation, and the different Gamma colors. Selecting objects in the field of view using these channels greatly enhances your ability to produce highly-accurate results.

Part Groups Interface in the VisionGauge OnLine software

Part Groups Interface in the VisionGauge OnLine software

Part Groups help group inspections in different fields-of-view, allowing you to build an overall inspection ‘map’ of a part that does not fit entirely in the camera’s field-of-view at once. You can revisit inspection areas and track the individual Pass/Fail results of each area, as well as combining Pass/Fail results into a single overall result.