VisionGauge® Training Videos

VisionGauge® OnLine training videos are available to users with the VisionGauge® OnLine software that are registered to our site.

These videos introduce features and show how to perform various operations that will improve your understanding of VisionGauge® OnLine and the efficiency of your inspection process.

Additional videos will be added soon to complete these topics. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about using the software.

Training Video Categories:



An introduction to using the VisionGauge® OnLine software.


Perform various types of measurements with the VisionGauge® OnLine.

Data Management

Learn how to collect and manage inspection result in Data Groups, as well as how to output data to external programs for reporting and databasing.

CAD Overlays

Use VisionGauge® OnLine to compare a part to its CAD DXF file with our Auto-Align™ and Auto-Pass/Fail™ features.

Automated Programs

Learn how to create automated programs using the Program Toolbox.

Motion Control

Use the Motion Control Toolbox on VisionGauge® OnLine stage-based systems to control stage movements.


Use VisionGauge® OnLine’s Security menu to control access to certain protected features.

Command Menu

Use additional features in the Command menu, including Counting and Sizing and Calibrations.