Announcing the VisionGauge® Disk Inspection and Measurement System


The VisionGauge® Disk Inspection & Measurement System is the the ideal solution for automated, high-accuracy inspection & measurement of slots in turbine disks, both large & small. The system’s patented CAD Auto-Align™ & CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™ tools allow you to automatically check the slot profile, get deviations from nominal, etc…


VisionGauge Disk Inspection and Measurement System


Download the data sheet and contact us for more information.


New 5X configuration for 300-Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator


We’re pleased to announce the new 5X configuration of our 300 Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical


VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator 300 Series / Field-of-View Systems 5x configuration.

The 300 Series VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparators are extremely cost effective Field-of-View
Systems that are ideal to inspect and measure smaller parts, very quickly. And the new 5X
configuration provides a wider field-of-view and a larger depth-of-field that extends the range of parts
that can be checked using the 300 series
. Specifically, the new 5X 300 Series machine can
accommodate parts up to 6.4” (diagonal, i.e. 5.5” horizontal x 3.3” vertical) and up to 4” in height. The
new 5X 300 Series VisionGauge® also has a very long working distance that provides 15” of
clearance between the part and the lens.


Like all of the other 300 Series machines, it has very high-resolution optics that produce a very
geometrically accurate image and it also includes three independent light sources that are all LED based
and computer-controlled: transmitted (i.e. back) illumination as well as both on- and off-axis
reflected (i.e. front) illumination. This allows the system to produce crisp, sharp edges and perform
beautifully even when working with hard-to-image materials (for example: shiny, reflective or even
translucent surfaces) and difficult geometries (such as deep holes).


The VisionGauge® 300 Series machines produce a stunning super-high resolution image to carry out
fine, detailed inspections. And the system’s crisp & clear image is displayed on a single super-high resolution


The 300 Series include all of the powerful VisionGauge® tools, including our patented CAD Auto-
Align™ and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™ tools, for very fast automatic and operator-independent
comparison of parts to their CAD file, as well as VisionGauge’s® broad measurement toolset.


And because they are field-of-view machines and no motion is involved, the 300 Series
VisionGauge® systems are extremely fast. They can carry out hundreds of inspections and
measurements seconds after you’ve put the part down on the system. They can also accommodate
multiple parts at once.


All 300 Series systems have an intuitive software interface and are extremely easy to use. They can
be setup to be operated using the system’s barcode reader and joystick. They have built-in SPC
capability with charting & graphing and can automatically collect images and data. They also have
extensive data exchange capabilities.


The 300 Series VisionGauge® systems have a convenient desktop configuration, no moving parts
and no consumable parts. They provide many years of reliable service with minimal maintenance.
They are perfect for both the shop environment and the quality control lab. They are complete, ready-to-
run Windows-based solutions that are delivered network-ready and include on-site installation,
NIST-traceable calibration & training.


This information is available for download in .pdf format: 5X 300 Series VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator Machine Announcement


VisionGauge® OnLine version 13.38 is available for download.


VisionGauge® OnLine version 13.38, dated April 25th, 2019, is available for download.



This update adds greater functionality to working with an overlay position during an automated program:


The Image Overlay Settings window has renamed the option to “Set Offset” of the overlay to “Move Overlay Position”.

We have also added the options to “Set Overlay Current Position” and “Output Overlay Current Position”. The Output option requires that you choose which dimension you want to output, the nominal and tolerances on the value, and the Output options (to which Data Group the data will be sent, any label information, etc.). This new Output option could be useful to determine by how much an overlay has shifted, for example, after a Auto-Align procedure.

Program Toolbox - Image Overlay Settings



This update also contains a significant performance improvement that will reduce latency and “waits” at many points during the system’s operation. Specifically, we have enhanced the software to optimize runtime performance, so that when the software is started up it pre-calculates a number of (long-to-compute) coefficients and then re-uses them (instead of re-computing them) when they are required.

The performance improvements that a user will obtain vary depending on the specific system configuration (typically multi-mag systems will benefit most) and also depending on how the system is used (typically, users that frequently switch back-and-forth between manual operation and automated programs should see the greatest benefit from these performance optimizations).

However, it’s worth noting that these are quite “core” performance enhancements and the system should feel “snappier” for almost all users.



Also in this update, we have restructured and greatly improved how ProLink software is used with VisionGauge® OnLine.

This update introduces the “Output on Command” mode, which is now an option to the default “Real-Time” mode. Real-Time mode sends all data sent to a Data Group to ProLink immediately. Output on Command mode allows a user to accumulate data to a file before sending a command to output all that data to ProLink at once. This helps ProLink group the data for a part and avoids ‘deleted points’ from being inserted in places where ProLink would expect data to exist that did not come in with a file.

Customize Data Transfer to ProLink

Also, “Source” and “Extra” data that are sent with a measurement have been relocated to the measurement specific options. Previously these were defined for the entire ‘machine’, but they are now able to be defined for each measurement. In addition, “Note” data can now be sent with each measurement to better relay information about a measurement in ProLink. As before with Source and Extra data, Notes can be defined as user-selected text, or String/Numeric variables.

In addition, we made outputting results to ProLink using manual measurements easier by adding the possibility to output results directly from Data Groups. Data for a part can be accumulated in Data Groups and output all at once to ProLink when it is ready. This allows the possibility to change labels and ensure all manual measurements are correct before output.

Data Groups - Direct Output to ProLink database

The complete documentation for setting up and using ProLink software with VisionGauge® OnLine may be found here.


VisionGauge® OnLine version 13.26 is available for download.


VisionGauge® OnLine version 13.26, dated February 23rd, 2019, is available for download.


The following enhancements have been made over the last few update versions:


We’ve included support to define many manual measurements using datums. This means the results of other manual measurements or specifically saved datums can be used during definition of other manual measurements.


Measurements in the General tab that support being defined by datums are:

  • Point-to-Point Distance
  • Horizontal Distance
  • Vertical Distance
  • Distance between Arbitrary Parallel Lines
  • Point-based Radius
  • Point-based Diameter
  • 3-Point Angle
  • 4-Point Angle


Measurements in the Marker to Marker tab that support being defined by datums are:

  • Center of Circle
  • Line Midpoint
  • Point of Intersection Of Two Lines
  • Orthogonal to Line
  • Closest Point on a Midline


The Program Toolbox Statistics & Data Groups step has been modified to allow the user to define a directory path when saving the contents of a Data Group to file and using a String Variable as the file name. Select the “Browse” button to choose any file in the target directory, and the directory path will be used when saving the Data Group with the selected String Variable as the file name.

Program Toolbox - Statistics & Data Groups - Save a Data Group to file dialog
Program Toolbox – Statistics & Data Groups – Save a Data Group to file


We’ve added a Roll Pin Distance measurement tool which is useful for many different types of inspections, including:

  • root forms of blades
  • root forms of disk slots
  • gear teeth
  • thread teeth
  • etc.

This new tool is very easy to setup and use and is extremely accurate & repeatable. Roll Pin distance measurements can be found in the Miscellaneous tab of both the manual measurement mode and the Program Toolbox Measurement step for fully-automated measurements.


Roll Pin Distance measurement in VisionGauge® Online
Roll Pin Distance measurement


Roll pin distance measurement from a datum line
Roll pin distance measurement from a datum line


More information about the Roll Pin Distance measurement will be posted soon.


We have included some DXF format radius charts in VisionGauge® OnLine’s \LiveImageOverlays\DXF sub-directory. Operators of traditional optical comparators will already be very familiar these charts, and they could be very useful in certain instances with the VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator (for example: when inspecting short-arc radii).

DXF format Radius Chart
DXF format Radius Chart in VisionGauge® OnLine


This update also adds password protection for several options from the Motion Control window, including the Set Zero, Set, Output, Home All buttons, the Coordinate System, Zero on Center Point, Skew menu items, and the individual axis zero buttons.

The Security Manager can allow operator access to these items in the Motion Control window if the option is checked. Otherwise the user will be prompted to enter the password when trying to access these items.

VisionGauge® OnLine's Security Manager dialog
VisionGauge® OnLine’s Security Manager


We have added an option to apply 5-axis transforms and corrections to manual move operations (“Go All” moves from the Motion Control Toolbox). Previously, 5-axis transforms and corrections were only able to be applied during a program.

This update applies exclusively to our 700-series 5-axis Inspection and Measurement Systems. These new options can be found in the “Motion Control – Settings – Transforms – 5-Axis Transform Settings” menu. 5-Axis Corrections, 5-Axis Transforms, and the Fixture Center of Rotation Offset Corrections may be applied to manual “Go All” operations by selecting the appropriate checkbox.

When this option is selected, any coordinates that are entered directly into the “Go To” section of the Motion Control Toolbox will be transformed with the current corrections and transforms, and the stage will move to that transformed position. The “Current Position” / DRO in the Motion Control Toolbox will show the actual position of the encoders following the stage move (the transformed position).

Please note that while the 5-Axis Tranforms “Fixture Height” and polarity settings are saved with a program and may be changed by loading different motion programs into the Program Toolbox, the option to apply these transforms and corrections to manual operations is machine dependent and saves with other VisionGauge® OnLine setting files.

Applying VisionGauge® Online 5-Axis Transforms and Correction to manual operations dialog
Applying VisionGauge® Online 5-Axis Transforms and Correction to manual operations


During the setup of Control Sections for overlays, users can now use the Select mode to choose a Control Section they would like to edit, remove, etc. Simply click Select, the using the mouse, choose the control section from the overlay.

Selecting specific Control Sections to modify during overlay setup
Selecting specific Control Sections to modify during overlay setup


The procedure for writing ‘carryover’ settings has been modified to permit automatic correction in the case of incomplete shutdown procedures. If an incomplete shutdown procedure is detected, VisionGauge® Online will advise you and automatically try to repair the startup settings.



Announcing the VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection & Measurement System


The VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection & Measurement System is the perfect drop-in solution for automated cells and automation applications requiring high-accuracy inspection. The system is widely-applicable and extremely general-purpose. All of VisionGauge®’s advanced inspection and measurement capabilities are available, including our CAD Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™ tools.


The system includes a high-resolution optics with a large depth-of-field and a long working distance. It can be mounted in any orientation.

The VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection and Measurement System includes an inspection area connected to a remote workstation controlling the software and user-interface.
The VisionGauge® Standalone Inspection and Measurement System includes an inspection area connected to a remote workstation controlling the software and user-interface.

VisionGauge® OnLine’s Remote Program Communications feature is also included, making it easy to interface with a robot or other part-positioning equipment. The software possesses extensive communication capabilities (e.g. TCP/IP communication via Ethernet, digital I/O’s, etc…) to issue commands, load programs, retrieve results, process errors and messages, etc.


Download the data sheet and contact us for more information.


VisionGauge® OnLine version 13.01 is available for download.


VisionGauge® OnLine version 13.01, dated August 16th, 2018, is available for download.

VisionGauge® OnLine has been updated with new measurement tools.


We’ve added a new marker-to-marker measurement tool in both manual measurement  mode and the Program Toolbox. The marker is “Orthogonal to a Line Bisecting an Angle”. Users will need to select if the angle type they want to bisect is Actue or Obtuse.

manual measurement mode dialog box
Manual Measurement Mode
Orthogonal to a bisecting angle measurement marker
Orthogonal to a bisecting angle measurement



We’ve also added four new manual measurement tools in a “Miscellaneous” tab of the Manual Measurement Mode. These tools are “Parallelism”, “Perpendicularity”, “Parallelism of a Midline”, and “Perpendicularity of a Midline”. Each of these measurements are also able to be defined using previously saved datums.

parallelism measurement
Perpendicularity measurement
Parallelism of a midline measurement
Parallelism of a midline
Perpendicularity of a midline measurement
Perpendicularity of a midline

And we’ve made a few changes to the Program Toolbox – Measurement user interface with regards to datums. When selecting datums, the edit boxes are now editable. This will be particularly useful for setting up measurements with large numbers of datums.



Upcoming Shows *Updated*


We’ll be exhibiting at two shows over the next couple of months:


We will be at MESCPE at the Parma Fairground, Italy (Viale delle Esposizioni 393A‎ – 43126 Parma PR) on March 22-24, 2018. We will be exhibiting with BTT Marko s.r.l. at booth number M43 Pavilion 2.


We will also be at the Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018 in Boston, MA at the Boston Convention Center on April 30 – May 2, 2018. We will be exhibiting with Methods Machine at Booth #325.

VisionGauge® OnLine version 12.80 and VisionGauge® version 10.79 are available for download.


VisionGauge® OnLine version 12.80, dated January 18th, 2018, is available for download.

VisionGauge® version 10.79, dated January 18th, 2018, is available for download.

Both VisionGauage and VisionGauge OnLine have been updated with the ability to save and recall the last-set camera format settings (e.g. resolution) for DirectX compliant video capture devices. This update also applies to those systems that control multiple DirectX video acquisition devices at once. To change the resolution during a session of either VisionGauge or VisionGauge OnLine, access the “Settings – Image capture device format” menu and set the target resolution. The software will save this resolution and automatically restore it the next time you start the software.

This enhancement for DirectX video capture devices is included starting in VisionGauge OnLine’s current version 12.80 and in VisionGauge’s current version 12.79.

Also included in this update for VisionGauge OnLine is the ability to output a string variable directly to a data group through the Program Toolbox – Text String settings:

Output string variables directly to Data Groups in VisionGauge OnLine.