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The most recent release of VisionGauge is: 

Version 10.57, dated January 25th 2016.

Current members of the VisionGauge Annual Support and Update Program can download, install & use this update. You may also view a list of the features and enhancements that are new to this update. Also, if you want to automatically be notified when new updates of VisionGauge are produced, simply subscribe to the VisionGauge Users Newsletter.

To install this VisionGauge update, please proceed as follows:

1. Download the file called "update.exe" (approx. 7MB) containing the latest update of VisionGauge.

2. Run "update.exe". This will "un-zip" a file called called "setup.exe". Run It.  It is an "install wizard" that will walk you through the rest of the installation.

Important: this update does not contain all of the files required to run VisionGauge, only the ones that have been updated. This means that you must install this update OVER an existing version of VisionGauge


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